For anybody who doesn't play die2nite, it's basically a game where you have to work with eachother over a period of real life days to stay alive as long as possible. die2nite.gif.html

 photo die2nite.gif

Day: 6
Citizens: 2
Defences: 114
Zombies: 325 - 390
Water: 34

Basically, these folks became uber-selfish as soon as we reached panic mode, that's the usual drill. However, I believe we could have -easily- made it through to another night if one chump hadn't have taken all of the defences from the bank and put them on his own home.
I tried Die2Nite once ... once.

I might look into it today since you brought it up. IIRC, I was inspired by Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead at the time and tried to solo every zombie I came across. I died.
It's updated a little, and yeah, you should.

And no, don't take on zombies bare-handed lol. Just ask for help in the forums, the odds of downing a zombie are 10x more likely with a pen knife (for real) than they are using your fists.