Final Release

by Zanoroku
Choose your Destiny
Game information:
Last game update: 07/31/2016
Next update: Canceled
Current version: 0.00.04
Game status: Canceled.

Created by:
Zanoroku - Programmer, Mapper, Hub Designer
Forums Designer

Special Thanks:
Credits to all who made these icons shit would not be possible if you people did do these.

Contact me if interesting

The game is pretty cool. Need more NPCs,but it's ok. The GM's should be more active. If you guys need help with icons,ask me! :)
Thanks I would like the icons and about the Admins or Game Monitors they are hardly on because I think they have to go to work or school like me.
If you need some help with Admins and GM i can help you,buddy. Just send me a mssg.
I wanted to know how to become a Staff Member to be online and help out and enforce rules . Just hit me up I am most of the time available or playing the game - Bleach Final Bankai -
IF anyone want to be a Admin just sign on on forums
I am Alt to Demon King of Hell and I am rarley on because I and still in grade school so Most of my online time is right there
Hey Zano, i can host the game if you want :)