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by Luke5050
Creator's World
The Icon Ultima
No, the project is not done.

Please follow this format.
I just need an Admin.

Key: (username).
Age: (Must be 13 or older).
Gender: (Optional).
Reason: (Why do you want to help out on the main server)?
Rank: (Admin(1), Moderator(1), Enforcer(1), Janitor(1)). (I need one of each until I know how many players we will have).

Admin: They have the top responsibilities. They will make sure all staff members are being good to players. This mean they make sure there is no favoritism, no trolling, no harassing, and overall, no abuse.

Moderator: They are second top. Though, they are unable to tell another staff what to do. However, they have a ban verb (only can ban players).

Enforcer: Can only mute, boot, and revoke privileges. No ban.

Janitor: Granted mute, and they are mainly map cleaners. They clean the map. But they are able to communicate with staff members through staff chat.
Key: Adamkad1.
Age: 15.
Gender: Male.
Reason: Because the game looks promising, and i spend lots of times playing or looking for building games, and with that i would have a reason to stay on than my usuall.
Rank: Janitor or Enforcer.
Thank you for applying Adamkad1. Once the full update is finish and hosted, you will be granted "Enforcer".
Key: Bumblemore

Age: 17 (18 in November)

Gender: Male

Reason: Am starting my uni course in September, and would like something to do on long evenings, the game also looks like it has potential, assuming it reaches Alpha.

Rank: You choose.

Qualities: I don't take favorites, and I consider myself pretty empathetic when it comes to a troublemaker, so I'll be fair with them.
I am redesigning Adamkad1 to Janitor. Though, all people who are low ranks will be ranked up once I know my player base. So this is temporarily.

Bumblemore will now be an Enforcer since he states he will need things to do on long evenings and I like that considering I am very busy during times. Plus he is a bit older. Sorry if this seems inconvenient Adamkad1.
Key: Zantus

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Reason: I don't have much to do during, anytime, really. So I guess I'd just like to keep an eye out on the players in the game.

Rank: Moderator (?)

Notable: I'm probably too nice of a guy, so when it comes to banning people (unless it's obvious they deserve it), I will /always/ think twice, or more.
I actually know Zantus. I feel very comfortable for him being this high of a staff level. The reason why I did not assign him has admin is because he is foreign and has a super different time difference compare to US/Canada. So he will be getting Moderator since he is usually on during evenings and at night time during our time.

Like I said, eventually people will be ranked up until I know how many players I will be getting so I can get more staff members.

Update: Since I manually wrote your names into the source code, you will automatically have your verbs when you log in. Note: I can simply take your verbs away if you end up as a power hungry troll. But I think you guys are in the perfect rank, and I have a feeling I can trust you all. :)
Key: Solobb-

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Reason: Something to do when im not playing other game and to i dunno, get more known or something.

Rank: Anything but janitor, sounds extremely tedius.

History: Ive admined on DU many times, which i like to think has the strictest of the strict guide lines of abuse, and ive never banned banned from admining or hosting that i can remeber, unlike many others.

Skill 1: Im pretty good at finding bugs. (Mainly for the purpose of abusing them to be honest.)

Skill 2: I like to think im at least above average with the edit verb, and have a generally good understanding of most admin verbs ive come across.

Trait 1: I make a very strong effort to never lie, as i like people to know my word is gold, and ive never broken a deal. (Makes it much easier to buy power on games)

Trait 2: When admining i am able to put myself in the mindset that everyone is lesser then me, while harmful to my social interaction, it allows me to not get attached or abuse ban on emotions under the thought of "This person isnt worth it."

Trait 3: I -suck- at building.

Other: I dont really expect to get hired, and if i do i honestly probally wont spend that much time helping, but hey at least i will help every now and then?

Other 2: As you may of guessed i hate using "'" mainly because its an additional thing to type that isnt really neccasary.
I am sorry Solobb-
1. I could never higher an admin who has to feel superior just not to abuse people because mainly Creator's World is about equals. When IU was popular, many of the main server's staff members were abusive (not all). And many have blamed that that is the reason why Icon Ultima is no longer popular.
2. I need someone to be here more often as from I am very busy, and the only available spot is Admin (fyi). I can't put you has anything else right now.
3. Bug abuse is against the rules here. I can't simply let someone to become a staff member if they are abusive towards bugs.

Thank you for your time, but I think I might need someone a little more serious when it comes to the leader of staff members. I hope to see you on at least. I am very sorry for being picky.
No big deal, i fully expected to be rejected. While my key is Solobb- my friends and well, just about everyone i know calls me Naoya, please do so in the future.
Do to lack of applies for Admin, Zantus has been switched up to admin (because it's really important). I am closing this thread now. You may apply when the game is released for moderator. Thank you for all who applied, and most of you got the job. :) I am very excited to work with you guys.