I can log in perfectly fine when I am on my other computer, but when I'm on my laptop, it says "Validating account...", and does not do anything.

Someone know why this is happening?
Hello OXuchihaXO,

It sounds like a firewall may be blocking or restricting BYOND. Check the firewalls and antivirus programs on your laptop and ensure that BYOND.exe and dreamseeker.exe are not being restricted.

If the suggestion above does not resolve the problem, try refreshing the BYOND user configuration folder. Since you are unable to open the BYOND pager, you will need to locate the folder manually. By default, the folder is located in My Documents and is named "BYOND", but may have been changed during installation. Since there may be multiple BYOND folders, the one you are looking for contains a cache, pager, and skins folder (and possibly more).

Once you have located the BYOND user configuration folder, ensure that BYOND is not running, and rename this folder old_BYOND, then open the BYOND pager.

Good luck!
Thanks, but I think its because I'm trying to use it with my college connection. It lets me get on the pager now and login, but it restricts me from playing games.
I enabled Both of them on firewall, and still not able to play games.
How exactly is it restricting you from playing games? Does it present any error messages, or where in the process does it become stuck/unresponsive?

Its not uncommon for university networks to block BYOND traffic, mistaking it for something else. Is your other computer on the same network? If so, that rules out the possibility of an upstream network problem.