I tested a few byond things. Port forwarding is something I don't feel like trying to do so the bulk of what I did was test it on localhost.

It's almost a given that some games won't work, but I'm actually impressed that I can get the byond screen and the start menu for murder mansion in the browser and interact with it, and interact with the game a little bit even though stuff is missing.
I think there's actually no reason why most everything can't work, especially if we make Chrome a requirement for full support (or at least no-IE, which is pretty far behind the HTML5 spec).

If you are seeing things that look like bugs (not just missing elements such as the Grid control), then please do report them. Primarily, the map should work pretty well (although I see Murrawhip reported one pretty bad bug already).
Oh, also chrome users should enable Web Midi via chrome://flags.
IE is getting there, IE11 has WebGL and http://status.modern.ie/ shows all the stuff they're either considering or working on.
I managed to get it working perfectly on local host, it's just that the interface is really messed up for some reason.
Well some interface elements like the grid & verbs & tabs aren't supported yet, but we should have them by the end of beta. I'm hoping that others in the community can help with these ports. If you are seeing wildly unusual placement or situations though, you might post a bug report & screenshot.
This is awesome (:
Can the window get bigger than the default box?
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Tobirachi wrote:
Can the window get bigger than the default box?

If you resize the iframe size, yes. If not, no. You can do this in chrome by doing inspect element on the page and just changing its variables. Just be mindful that this has only begun. It'll take time for all the needs to be tended to.
Thanks Tom!
Good job Tom and Lummox and Lige. We You did it!
Lige for president! Wooot!
Wow, this is awesome. My planned day of being productive has been long forgotten in exchange for trying various games with this. Thank you greatly, Tom and Lummox. :)
You're thanking them for making you unproductive? Oh, world. What have we come to? Lol.
Awesome work, guys! Really looking forward to playing around with this... just have to go to my stupid job for all day first :<
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Xirre wrote:
You're thanking them for making you unproductive?

I suppose the phrasing of that was poor, but it's not like I wanted to do actual work in the first place. Lol.
No kidding.. I haven't done crap in so long. All I've done was make IRC bots and applications for some friends to make their life easier. Nothing major. But, it gets me moving somewhat in dabbling with other languages. Hopefully I can make another big project successful on BYOND. ^_^
Excellent, thanks so much both of you for all your hard work!
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MagicMountain wrote:
Excellent, thanks so much both of you for all your hard work!

Both? Don't forget Lige! :D
Hopefully this will mean that we will eventually see BYOND FOR ANDROID! :D

Oh yeah if you want to do that you WILL have to make an app as android versions 4.1 and up DO NOT SUPPORT NATIVE FLASH.
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