So, neither of them will display fonts the same as a website would? Which is fine with me honestly, as long as they display them the same I can work with it. Just seems odd.
IMO it should display just like a website (assuming the browser is rendering the website correctly), so we still need to investigate more.
Well, I found a number of issues on all sides.

On the DS end, it had the wrong font size, just subtly, as I noted.

On the server end, the size was not being sent correctly to the webclient in some cases, notably this one.

DS was also measuring spaces in maptext a little weird, so it could overflow its intended width. This still caused differing results once I got the sizes to align.

The webclient also did not have 20% spacing between lines as DS does.

All of those issues have been addressed.
Lummox JR resolved issue with message:
Text size wasn't rendering properly in the webclient. (Additionally, Dream Seeker also did not render text sizes correctly.)
So close... ;) The two clients do now display the text in my test project the same, unless DS is in hardware graphics mode, in which case DS displays differently. I'm not sure if that is specific to my crappy system or not, so if anyone else wants to try it, please do.

EDIT: Added pics.


Software and webclient:
I'm sorry to be a pain... I didn't notice at first, but there is still a bit of difference between DS and the webclient. There seems to be slightly less gap between lines in the webclient than in DS.

DS on the left, webclient on the right.
That's weird, because I tested hardware mode specifically. I'll take another look sometime soon and see what's up, but not right away--the bugs I did manage to fix today were nasty.

I'll double-check the line spacing when I get to that too.
Tom told me to post this here, but I'm not entirely sure it's the same issue.

Eternia's maptext in 506:

Eternia's maptext in 507/1247:

I'll do more of the tests Tom suggested on AIM later when I have more time, to see if the font we're using (I think it's the default maptext font) of similar size appears like the before image or the after image in the browser. No way to test it with the web-client, as Eternia still doesn't quite load in it.
A DS fix for the difference between hardware and software mode will go in 507.1260. I'm seeing an exact match between hardware mode and the webclient as far as my own tests go, and now all three match--in size.

As far as the line spacing is concerned, that turns out to be tricky. The line spacing isn't a mere 20% padding in DS, but is using a leading value from the font that is handled internally by DrawText(). I believe the browser uses another method entirely and line-height relates strictly to either the cell or character height, and what the webclient does is essnetially more in line with that.
Lummox JR resolved issue with message:
Maptext wasn't rendering at the correct size in the webclient. Additionally, Dream Seeker also rendered maptext sizes inconsistently.
Thought I'd add a note to why I re-closed this. The fixes in 1258 turned out to be fairly iffy on DS's end, as Nadrew discovered. I found that while DS had some issues, they weren't nearly as bad as I thought; and the main one I did find was that the maptext size was inconsistent--not just between modes but also between systems in some cases. (This should in theory fix another bug report I was unable to test.)

The webclient's maptext size was still a little off as well. That will be taken care of in the next build. Line spacing remains an open issue, because I don't see a sensible way to get the leading information we would need to match DS's behavior. However, breaking long words (to match the DS behavior) has been taken care of.
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