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My byond will just sit there on the start window
and it just says "loading game information"

this dose not happen on any other PC's but my laptop,

i have no clue why its happaning, i ran it as adminastrator and it still dose not work,

I have tryed restarting my PC, reinstaling it, trubble shoting it, and using the version on my other pc that works, but it just sits in that little black box with the byond logo saying "loading game information".
Hello TheKingOfLife,

Have you tried clearing your BYOND cache?
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ok, how do i do that >.>
I'll walk you through it via pager.
  1. Open BYOND Pager.
  2. Press Ctrl+P to open up your preferences.
  3. Click on the Games tab in the popup.
  4. Click the Clear Cache button.
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i dont think you got it.. byond wont open in general.. by byond pager you mean the main window right? well i cant get there, its just the little black box befor that window when you start byond.. and it stays there.. if you need further information please ask, cus i rly wana fix this..
It sounds similar to this thread. I listed a few ideas that might be the issue in the link provided, but as stated in that thread, I'm not really knowledgeable in this department.
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well, i have managed to clear the cache, but.. it didnt help.. it took alot of effert to figure out a way to open byond and it just opend bare bones, no games, nunting, and yes i think i got the same problem as him, and i understand its hard to help when ya dont know how :/
sooo.. no one can help?
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TheKingOfLife wrote:
sooo.. no one can help?

I dug around a bit more.
  • Check to make sure that BYOND.exe is not being restricted or limited by any firewall installed on your computer. This includes Windows firewall, Antivirus firewalls, etc. ( Credit goes to Hitogen )
  • Ensure you have IE (Internet Explorer) installed. ( Credit goes to A.T.H.K )