For, games launched through the webclient, shouldn't the name of page reflect either the name of the hub, or whatever is set to?

This probably isn't important, but I dunno, seems like no one has brought it up.
I don't think just will do, should be Game Name + world.status
world.status could be displayed elsewhere on the page, but in DS, is what appears in the title bar, and on all Windows stuff relating to that world, by default it is the name of the DMB.

status is what usually appears on server descriptions on hubs, and that's quite long for some games.
I agree with SSX on this one.
Seems to have world.status's that would surely look horrible in the title.
I made a few singleplayer games that keep score in the titlebar. It's not the best way, but it is a really easy way. It's like a free label control or maptext object.