Creator's World

by Luke5050
Creator's World
The Icon Ultima
What I like to do when I update is to change the look of the game so it looks like a different but feels the same.

Woah, no Creator's World 2.2 will not feel the same. It has a all new building system to make it seem more efficient. It has been tested thoroughly, and it just makes me smile a bit because it's efficient and classical at the same time. The build system does not include a click build for both players and admins to make things fair. Click build will easily be abused by players, and players don't like the idea of staff members having the ability to use click build (so that's why it doesn't exist here).

Anyways, here is the new look of the game. Tell me what you think. So far, a lot of people liked it who I've shown it to!

It shows the map save system, it shows what the main server's start area which may be improved later on. It also shows all the available objects that is able to be built. I really hope you love it. I am working hard on.


As for security, not only we use all three available id methods, but we also include an easy simple-to-code method that I might share to the BYOND as a demo. Though, I did thought of other super easy methods that I also might share as well. ^-^

The security works in all "revoked privileges" and it also works for mute, and ban. I hope you enjoy this little update. It shows so much. I hope you enjoyed it! ^.-
I don't understand the point of removing something as useful as click build when you could simply store the items the user has built somewhere and delete items in said list to get past people who spam.
Because I can delete their objects anyways. Click Build is easy to abuse, and I can't trust anyone because they like to spam right in my face. Heh. Staff members shouldn't have to move from the platform every 10 minutes worrying about a flood of objects. You can't really get past spam because people are going to do it. Some people spam and leave, and it's annoying. Click Build would just be a pain to deal with if everyone had it.

So, I made it fair that no one has click build so people won't have a reason to complain.