Applies to:DM Language
Status: Open

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I'd like an option for toggling maptext antialiasing.

Any sort of maptext antialiasing tends to look pretty bad when the map is upscaled.

In my current project, I design all of the GUI in photoshop before exporting and rebuilding it in BYOND. However, I am upscaling the map to 200%.

Here's what it looks like in photoshop:

Here's what it looks like in dreamseeker:

It's pretty clear that with the upscaling, the non-antialiased text from Photoshop looks better.

Perhaps this feature could be implemented like so:
atom.maptext = "<span style=font-smooth:never;> blahblahblah"
I think this falls into the same reason we can't have nearest-neighbor interpolation for graphics rendering (text is rendered by DirectX too).