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I think it would be nice if we have an extra argument for the byond:// protocol, where if client equals web, it'll redirect the user to rather than opening up BYOND/Dream Seeker.

If no client is defined or if it doesn't equal web, it'll be treated as normal.


byond:// > opens in webclient/browser

byond:// > opens in dream seeker
That might interfere with how client/Topic() runs in games that use client as a parameter.~

The following still opens up Dreamseeker but:
src<< link("[world.internet_address]:[world.port]")

Opens the url in the default browser.
Yes I understand that, I'm aware of being able to do a Topic method but that just makes the byond:// protocol to open seeker to open the webbrowser.

I just want something where you can click the link and it will open in either Dream Seeker or the webbrowser.
I do understand that this feature is pointless but would be nice for some people.

Me personally, I see the idea redundant but I was just thinking in favor of the majority/people.
It doesn't seem like it makes much sense. What's the use-case here?

If you're in DreamSeeker then ... you've got DreamSeeker, so I'm not sure what you'd need a web client link for there, or specifically, why you couldn't just use a HTTP link.

If you're on a third party website, akin to particular game community sites, then you can also just use the HTTP link, and it would be more universal. You don't get byond:// protocol handlers in non-Windows OSes unless you install BYOND under Wine and wire it up appropriately, so use of a byond:// URL on a third party site would be pretty much the exact opposite of useful, and kind of nuts when a HTTP link exists already.

Maybe there's another use-case you've got in mind?
It might be useful for someone, but you've got some convincing to do, because I don't understand why you wouldn't just use the HTTP link. It would especially be useless if you've embedded the webclient in any other website to which you'd rather refer your players anyway.

Besides, the link would probably be formatted as:

byond://ip_address:port##web already exists, and is easy to use.

Also eventually the web client will be able to be embeded in other pages, so server addresses may not even need to be an option, just make a crappy freewebs page and insert some javascript for your game client and now you have a game website and your game server.

Also I almost never use the byond protocol because it's usually easier to just join through the byond client unless the server is unlisted. I'd probably just default to using the web address because it would be so much lazier for me to run a multiplayer game through a web browser and need not update byond.