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Recently i set up a game and was strolling through the options and noticed something about credits and subscriptions.
Today i went to look back at it again to begin to set up the credit system to allow players to use real money to buy ingame perks and such and realized that the tab for credits was no longer there.

Is there a reason behind this?
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BYOND isn't going to get involved in illegal profit from copyright infringement.

Basically, fangames can't use these features. You could set up your own system, but you really should consider the legality of what you'd be doing.
Ahh... Avoiding the risks.

Okay i see. Guess i'll find a work-around.
Thank you.

I also appreciate the quick reply.
While i have you, How do i go about getting said game listed? The game doesn't even show up if i search the name word for word in the search bar.
In response to Squigs
To get your game listed, you need to check the box in the hub options that makes it visible. Then, one of the volunteer game listings moderators has to give it a tag.

However, games with the "anime" or "fangame" tag won't be visible from the default list unless you search for the game or the tag.

Of course, you still get a functioning hub page even if it isn't listed, so you can still refer to your game that way.
Game is already marked as visible.
Guess i just have to wait on a volunteer game listing mod.

Thanks again.
I'll go ahead and list it from your members page.

I don't know if it's intended behavior, but as mentioned here, non-member hubs aren't appearing in our pending list for some reason.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit: LordAndrew will go ahead and list it from your members page.
Thank you