Everything seems like it runs great. No major issues that I've noticed. However, it seems like part of the screen gets cut off and my text in the output boxes is hellaciously tiny. Thoughts?
Hold CTRL and scroll while hovering over the text may work?
I'm not sure about that, though.
Which browser do you use?
Are you using any browser zoom? This does affect the client.

Also, do you have a screenshot to compare with others?

I personally haven't seen your issue.
No, my zoom is set at the normal 100% in Firefox. I don't have a screenshot currently, but will post comparison photos later.
I actually found a few more bugs I forgot to mention. I'll leave them here for now and post bug reports when I get a chance.

Text with the password property does not show up as asterisks.

HTML boxes do not have a close button but will close by clicking anywhere else on the screen. This may be intentional.

The web client does not display the entire game area, cutting off part of the player's view.

The original issue mentioned. Text is tiny in the web client.
The password and text discrepancies have been reported already. The browser windows had looked intentional to me, so I didn't report that one, though it does cause issues in games that pop up more than one at a time. The view I wasn't aware of, but looks like it is an issue. Maybe because there isn't a stretch setting?
If you can get me a demo of that I'd like to take a look at the tiny text issue. That's pretty weird. Must be something about the skin that's not coming over properly in translation.
The skin is definitely very weird. It has a lot of features, but doesn't use a single line of DM except to change the HUD in certain circumstances - it's all done through the skin itself. The person that made it for me is some sort of magical skin wizard. I'm not planning on marketing the game with the web client because I want to move away from established universes and into original IPs, but I saw Tom post about the fact that we could move into a stable build faster if more people were testing and it's one of my only games large enough to adequately acquire test data with. But I digress.

Breed of Destruction v2 hostfiles (includes a copy of the DMF file; note that not all functionality will work correctly due to a lack of a few savefiles, but these should not be necessary to test the bugs mentioned above)
The tiny text issue is readily apparent from the skin: You have set the font-size to 1 for some of your elements. DS is apparently unable to render text at that size and is hitting some kind of lower limit.

The server is translating your skin faithfully and the browser is observing the settings you picked. If you fix the font-size it'll be good to go.

I'm not sure I could reasonably count this as a webclient bug or something in need of fixing; if anything it'd be a DS bug.
Alright. Sorry for wasting your time; I honestly don't know a whole lot about skins and it always worked in DS. lol

Do you know what the issue is with the map getting cut off? Does it have something to do with my view size, or is that another byproduct of the skin?
The map getting cutoff appears to be due to icon-size=32 in your code. That's getting past the check that says zoom=1 should be turned off at startup for translated skins, so that's a legit bug that will be fixed in the next release.

In the meantime I've uploaded a copy of the new map.dms here (right-click and save; don't left-click or it'll try to open in the pager) so you can replace that file and it should take care of the problem for your testing purposes.
Thanks for all the help! Awesome to see so much progress, I've been waiting for this update for years. This is literally like a dream come true for me. (:

For some reason, it seems like the web client occasionally doesn't automatically add line breaks. I didn't check to see if it works when adding them manually. Also, it seems to ignore the <center> tag in the web client.

Edit: Looking back, those two things are probably related, as all cases that ignore <center> tags don't automatically add line breaks.
It appears the lack of a line break is happening only after centered lines, which is interesting. I recommend filing a bug report on that, and I can take a look at it Monday.
Can do. Enjoy your weekend, you earned it!