Not Feasible
Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Not Feasible

Implementing this feature is not possible now or in the foreseeable future
I would like a new feature that will revive the old

but also another feature of


SendMessage() will obviously send a message to the designated key/email.

GetMessages() will get messages based off of a timestamp.

I see it like this:

client/GetMessages(var/timeFromTIMESTAMP, var/timeToTIMESTAMP, var/queryedMSGs)

//timeFromTIMESTAMP will be a time to retrieve anything from that time 'til the timeToTIMESTAMP, otherwise if the timeToTIMESTAMP isn't defined, 'til the current time.

//timeToTIMESTAMP will be the time to get the messages between the timeFrom to the timeTo timestamp.

//queryedMSGs will just be a number saying how many messages to store/retrieve
So... you want to give developers access to your private pager messages? That's a terrible idea.
hmm i see what you mean there. What if it was only a client side thing, for single player purposes?
a hosted/ported game cannot use these features?
Still a bad idea, there's not going to be a reliable way to prevent a developer from keeping track of messages passed through the game, it's a major security hole, really. You'd be better off handling it yourself on a per-game basis.
alright :)
Nadrew resolved issue (Not Feasible)