Ice Hockey

by Obvious9
Ice Hockey
Up to 3v3 hockey fun. Only on BYOND!



  • WASD: Movement
  • Space: Shoot Puck
  • Click Player: Target for pass
  • ENTER: World Say

First team to 7 wins.

+ Not made to be earth shattering. Made for fun. :) +
+ Page me if you're interested in the source code. +

== ICE HOCKEY V1.4 ==
+ You will now occasionally fumble on the ice, losing control of the puck.
+ Added stats to the game: Control and Power.
+ Power will determine how effective you are at shooting and passing the puck. Level it up to shoot farther.
+ Control will give you more puck control, and prevent the puck from being knocked loose by an opposing player's hits.
+ Once you've gained a stat point by gaining enough experience, click on the stat's icon to level it up. S-rank is the max level for each stat.
+ Fixed a bug related to unlocking achievements. (+2 secret achievements added)
+ Fixed a bug related to team captains not resetting after a game.
== ICE HOCKEY V1.5 ==
+ Players can no longer join a team after the game has started.
+ Fixed a bug where the last players joining a team's icon wouldn't match their captains.
+ 10 new plain-colored jerseys added.
+ Players can now spectate during a game.
+ Oh yea, and listed. Woo =D
== ICE HOCKEY V1.6 ==
+ Added assists! The game will now record points for the goal scorer and the player making an assist.
+ Added "unassisted" goals.
+ Removed leftover/unnecessary code and did some cleaning up.
+ Source code is now available upon request, feel free to page me for a copy.
Any plans of re-uploading or continuing to improve this? (If you're still around that is)
In response to Nestromo
Nestromo wrote:
Any plans of re-uploading or continuing to improve this? (If you're still around that is)

Sorry for the late reply, I don't check here very often. Had no idea the download link was down for so long, I will reupload the game later tonight.

My younger brother recently got into making games for BYOND, so I may feel the need to roll an update for this out sometime in the near future. Stay tuned. :)