Empire: Redemption

by OriginalSyn
Keywords: empire, redemption
As of now, I have no intentions of continuing Empire. The source code has gotten out of hand and I have moved on to a project I began working on a year or so ago called "Redemption." This project is nearly ready for release and will be in alpha stages within 2 weeks.

If you are capable and willing to host a test server in the coming days, please page me. I will send you the hist files when the time comes (which is projected to be Saturday evening).

Redemption will pick up where Empire left off and play similarly to Empire, but it will do it better. The mistakes made in programming Empire were not made in Redemption as well. Lessons learned.

I hope to see you at the Grand release party in two weeks, to everyone. If you're capable of hosting the test server between Saturday and next Saturday please page me or post here.

Also, those of you wanting to help squash bugs this coming week, post here. Testing will be closed and I have room for 20 people to be in and out of the testing server.

Thanks, Syn.

P.S. This hub will be Redemption hub and Empire will be removed- possibly given a new home as it will no longer be updated.

I will do More, I will help to eliminate the bugs in every single little way possible. *Sunglasses!*
Haha nice
So what is it even is? Is it DBZ still DBZ-ish (Like Phoenix but renamed etc.) Or just a new probject entirely.
A restructured version of Empire
Hey man, I'm a little late here but I'm down to help with what ever.

Just give me the good word.
Bird is the word.
lets go man