Boundless Online

by Gluscap Games
New original sandbox roleplaying game, join a server or host your own.
Not bad. If I were you though, I would have a server which is always up, preferably a PvP one (since many people like PvP). You should then moderate it and show people what to do. Most people aren't proactive. You may also want to fix this:

You have toggled skill leech on.

Furthermore, it'd be nice to know where you can get skills (if that's in yet) and to also fix the screen size so it's by default zoomed in, and there are no black bars on either side of the screen.

Other than that, good job.
Getting a download failed when trying to install
Not sure why it doesn't work. If you download it from the "[Zip]" option it will work.
How should the file structure be in MyHub so the client recognizes it's installed?
Doesn't work no matter what I try to do, just gotta run it manually for it to work. I'll try and fix it though.
Is it a direct link?
The zip file contains all the files you need to host/run the game. All you have to do after downloading it is unzip it and click the Boundless.dmb. Or go in dream deamon and find the Boundless.dmb file in the folder to host it.
I tried hosting it yesterday but my server didn't show up on the Hub

Working today though
This game still has much of the Finale source code in it.
I coded the game from scratch. It has NONE of the finale source code in it. If you're sure, you can try and tell me what part of the "finale source code" is still in it but I don't rip. If anything I've taken inspiration from it because of the RP origins.
In response to Gluscap
Gluscap wrote:
I coded the game from scratch. It has NONE of the finale source code in it. If you're sure, you can try and tell me what part of the "finale source code" is still in it but I don't rip. If anything I've taken inspiration from it because of the RP origins.

- The Character Creation is simillar.
- Ora works like Transform on Dragon Finale/Dragon Universe, the same procedure with aura and the blue thing flowing around.
- I realize the icons aren't original on Dragon Finale, but you're clearly doing the same they did.
- Pretty much all of your verbs are from Old Finale, same colors and procedures, you didn't even try to make them look original.
- Even though this isn't something "illegal", it's easy to detect you imitated nearly everything, the way age works, stuff like meditate, train, dig... You're just as cheap as Dragon Finale, probably worse.
- Aesthetics is basically Clothes command on Dragon Finale, you can even see the Hair tab too.

To sum up, you used Dragon Finale source (probably the old one), and added some new stuff related to other games (I haven't seen a single idea on this game that is original), so I can really tell you're a poor programmer with no idea of how to obtain players for your awful ripped game.
1. Ora does not work like transform on Dragon Finale/DU. There is no transform verb. There is power-up verb which slowly raises your BP. If you click it twice you can transform if you have it, the Ora verb pretty much just gives a flat bonus depending on what level you're using and drains X amount.
2. I can't icon, so I used the zeta icons.
3. What verbs, train meditate and dig? Like I said I took inspiration from the game, if you want you can DL the game and play it. You'll have host commands which include edit. My game has no similar vars with Finale or any of its incarnations. Those verbs have none of the nuances of finale verbs, you can't attack to unmed. Train/med have no delay, dig gives you an abundance of different resources.
4. How else would age work, exactly? You can download earlier iterations of the game and see that the game didn't have sectored years. I only recently put it in so that I could get a more accurate C/D for year related stuff like mate.
5. Hair tab isn't even in finale, its clothes tab. I liked the idea of being able to just change clothes/hair at any time, so I made it relatively easy.

I didn't rip anything. If you're going to call it a rip at least know how finale works so you can compare. You basically saw some verbs named the same and decided to call it a rip.

If you haven't seen anything original in the game, then you didn't even play it. The housing system/factions? Angel/Demon system? Weapon mastery? Cmon now, you're grasping at straws.
No, I called it a rip because I played it for 5 minutes and saw everything was almost a direct copy of Finale. Maybe you reverse engineered the code from observing how it worked, but I think it's more likely (just judging from the verb popups) that you changed some letters. I mean, it's like REALLY HARD to look EXACTLY LIKE FINALE when you've coded the game form scratch. I might actually possess a copy of the source you used tbh (or at least know where to get it).

Like, you still have the ranks thing up (it's empty), the rules (also empty). Form clan is obviously form alliance. And you're still doing that silly year split into 10ths thing. Which, naturally, each tenth of a year is an hour, JUST LIKE IN FINALE. Housing/factions/angel/demon? Please, that stuff is likely ripped from other games as well.

Please don't pretend you programmed this from scratch. It's painfully obvious that it's a rip.
I've been playing finale for a little over seven years, I love the game a lot and many others do. There are stuff that are reverse engineered (because its not hard to reverse engineer ranks/rules pages) because they did their job in finale, so if I'm making an RP game I wanted them as well.

The fragmented year? It started out as just a single year with no fragmentation. Gluscap?command=view_post&post=1586003&first_unread=1 I had asked for help on doing this months ago when I just started to learn how to code with BYOND, and got help from Ter13. If you checked, you would see that it wasn't even fragmented up until update 0.3. ( )

Form Alliance? I don't know about that, but its basically an edited version of Ter's Guild datum. ( )
If you're going to frown upon me for using free resources then do so. If you're going to say that my game is basically a poorly coded finale, then do so. If you want to say my game is horrible, then do so. I'd welcome any kind of criticism so I can make it the best game it can be. I didn't rip though. This was from scratch, I started half a year ago and stuck to it until I have what I have today. It may not be praiseworthy but I'm going to stick with it until it is. I'm pretty happy with the fact that I did, so when people say its a rip I get upset about it.

You can check my profile and see a list of stuff I asked for help with. Stuff I wouldn't have asked about if I ripped the game. It even shows stuff like my attack proc, if you can get a copy of finale's source go ahead and compare.

The housing system is basically swap maps edited to let players create houses. I mean, again, if you want to call using free resources on this site ripping then I'm not going to refute your point, as we're arguing about two different things. If ripping to you is using code from DH and resouces, then yes I did rip.
Your game isn't a poorly coded finale, it is a patchwork finale (an early version of it at that). It might not be horrible but any game that doesn't grab the player in < 5 minutes isn't worth my time.

You stitched together a bunch of sources (which I noted in the prior post, mind you) and that's apparent. Ripped is using code from Finale, which is quite apparent that you did. You seem insistent that you didn't use Finale code and that's fine. I'll let the players decide if it's worth their time, certainly not worth mine.

EDIT: Also, asking for help doesn't mean you didn't rip. Asking for help is usually a way for rippers to learn how to modify their ripped code.
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I hate it when people go onto other peoples' hubs and say things along the lines of: "This is a rip".

Regardless of whether this game is or not (I couldn't care less), it's not appropriate to instigate on someone's creation. If you have your views, fair enough, although picking a fight is just playground behavior. One of the many problems with society is that nobody knows how to walk away. So what if it has finale's code in it? Does that harm or concern you? If it does, you need a better pass time.

Mind you I'm not being critical of you to make you feel bad; it's just that you voiced your thoughts so I thought I would as well.
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Feel free to voice your thoughts, they don't bother me. The point of my post was only to alert would-be players that the game is likely a rip and not worth their time.
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I understand, although sometimes it's better to let them find out for themselves; after all there are no repercussions of them finding out for themselves.
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Wasted time IS a repercussion, and I regret having wasted as much time as I did on this game. We don't need YET ANOTHER FINALE game on here.
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