Anime Universal Showdown

by Zerok Kaiba
Anime Universal Showdown
A clash of good vs evil from a wide range of anime!

ALPHA v7.4 Host Files:

A new all anime sidescroller has begun and is fast in the making!

Fight as 1 of 8 characters from a wide range of anime!

Each character has a unique set of moves, stats and traits!

Join in and emerge victorious, wielding your favorite anime characters!
Remember the name, the first comment and the first fan (After Zerok), Shanal. Bitches.
You're not the first fan though, Id say naut is
In response to Rap12k
Not really. When I fanned it, there was only one fan. Beside, I was the first person to be introduced to the hub. :D
bitch please i was the first to know it was being done before all of you
actually no dark been told me he was gonna talk to zerok about working together on a game
lol i was the first fan and person to know before dark i was the one talking to zerok about doing it with dark before any of you guys knew
lmfao no dark was like im gonna ask Zerok about working together on a game one day and i was like go for it you thot lol
First fan would be me (after Zerok) unless Zerok was third and Jon was first or so. Anyway, if we are counting Zerok and all, I'd be second. Halo, Jon was the one to 'convince' Zerok about making an all anime sidescroller : o Anyway, why the fuck are we arguing about this shit?

Dark i believe yu shall look
Everyone pack up ur stuff, this game will never see an update before next year if your lucky.
Redlink pls.
just stahp.