Bleach Rising Tide

by InsidPro
Roll-based Roleplay Game
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Status: Resolved

This issue has been resolved.
Prefer more selection than just the usual Sado or Inoue. Not everyone wants to go around punching things or be the token healer, but would still very much like to play a human. And obviously not everyone can be made a Sub Shini by the Urahara Figure.

So how would this be fixed?

Well, obviously one could reuse a number of the already pre-existing icons to generate new classes of fullbring. obviously this has been done before, but it was still a solid feature, in my opinion.

List of subclasses it would be nice to see:
- Swordbringers (I feel like this is the most missed one, as there was a lot one could do with it.)
- Gunbringer (One could reuse a number of the hadou blasts in order to make this one.)
- Shieldbringer? (This one is sort of a hesitant one, but it would essentially work like a tank, using a few of the shield icons, maybe a few of the bakudou icons for restraining. It'd obviously be an additional supporting player.)
I am actually working on the coding for fullbringer, im going to deliver it to Insid once finished. Along with more releases for shinI and Arrancar and the coding for Bounto.
Ew Bounto.
Don't forget a Speed fullbringer too!
Please post Fullbring suggestions here: while ensuring they follow the appropriate criteria.
InsidPro resolved issue