Okay can I get some help on how to create a trail. When I shoot something I want it that a trail stays behind the blast from where it's moving to your icon. Any ideas?

I have a photo from this game I play: SSFB/?action=view¤t=BlastS.bmp

1 second later SSFB/?action=view¤t=BlastOS.bmp

Same blast, notice the real blast is off-screen leaving a trail. Any ideas how to do that?
Theres a couple of things you could do.
1. When ever the projectile moves, create a new trail ob
2. Add an overlay to the turf
3. Create images and displaying them to the world

I'm sure theres other ways, but I would probebly use one those.
No put .bmp on Web. Ungh.

Lummox JR