Bleach Rising Tide

by InsidPro
Roll-based Roleplay Game
Please submit Fullbrings in the following fashion:

1. ICP Boost for levels 1 through 5.
2. Abilities/passive bonuses.
3. Graphical appearance.

This is an example:

Tier 1: 0.2S(0.35 MAX)
Tier 2: 0.3S, 0.2R(0.55 MAX)
Tier 3: 0.45S, 0.3R(0.75 MAX)
Tier 4: 0.55S, 0.35R(0.95 MAX)
Tier 5: 0.7S, 0.4R(1.25 MAX)

Tier 1: Jab
100% chance of inflict bleeding and deals damage equal to 10% of primary stat.
Tier 2: Serene Sword Slash
Ends State, but the user strikes twice in one move, dealing 150% primary stat per hit.
Tier 3: Passive Jab
All basic attacks have a low chance to inflict bleeding.
Tier 4: Quickman
Reduces all cooldowns by 25%
Tier 5: Burst
Everybody within a 3x3 radius when the State is activated loses 3% of their health for five seconds.

Tier 1: Wooden Sword icon.
Tier 2: Sword icon.
Tier 3: Thick Sword icon.
Tier 4: Zaraki Sword Icon.
Tier 5: Ichigo Bankai Sword + Green Power Aura.

Please note that suggestions may not be implemented into the game due to either time or graphical constraints. In addition, please ensure that suggested skills and passive abilities are generic in nature, such as those above.
Level 1: 0.2D
Level 2: 0.3D 0.2S
Level 3: 0.5D 0.25S
Level 4: 0.5D 0.4S
level 5: 0.6D 0.6S

Am yet to decide on these

Tier 1: small shield
tier 2: Paladin shield
tier 3: large shield
Tier 4: chest plate armour
Tier 5: full clad armour, including head.
Tier 1: 0.2R
Tier 2: 0.4R, 0.1D
Tier 3: 0.5R, 0.25D
Tier 4: 0.6R, 0.3D
Tier 5: 0.8R, 0.4D

The users fullbring object is a deck of cards imbued with spiritual energy, upon release the cards are imprinted with random spiritual attacks selected from the entirety of the games possible skills, each tier of release making the chances of gaining a stronger set of attacks upon release higher (i.e. at tier one there is no chance of gaining an attack like cero oscuras or hiryugekizokushintenraiho, while at teir five there is no chance of getting something like rei shower or sho)

Tier 1: Re-Shuffle
The user loses the first three attacks that they gain upon activation, and in return gain three different attacks
Tier 2: Draw
The user draws two more attacks to be added to their skill set, if used before Re-Shuffle then all five attacks are replaced instead of just three.
Tier 3: Discard
The user discards one of their own attacks(Random) and in return gets to discard a random one of their opponents skills.
Tier 4: Trade
The user swaps one of their skills(Chosen by opponent) for one of their opponents skills(Chosen by user
Tier 5: Perfect hand
The user uses five attack skills at once. (Two chosen from their skills, two from their opponent, one at random from their or their opponents skill list.)

Tier 1: Small aura(Users choice of color).
Tier 2: Small aura with reiryoku release icon added.
Tier 3: No change from Tier 2.
Tier 4: Large Zaraki aura (Users choice of color).
Tier 5: Large Zaraki aura (Golden).
The user imbues their tainted spiritual energy into their bodies causing them to augment their physical prowess and use their fist, legs/ etc. was weapons.

Tier 1: 0.2S, 0.15D(0.35 MAX)
Tier 2: 0.3S, 0.2D, 0.05R(0.55 MAX)
Tier 3: 0.35S, 0.3D, 0.1R(0.75 MAX)
Tier 4: 0.4S, 0.35D, 0.2R(0.95 MAX)
Tier 5: 0.7S, 0.35D, 0.2R(1.25 MAX)

Tier 1: Agile Strikes
All basic attacks are faster
Tier 2: Axe Kick
Downward kick from the heavens that causes arm injury upon contact(An Arm injury in game decreases Attack power and Attack speed)
Tier 3: Shattering Fist
Causes shaking screen effect as well as send the opponent flying a few feet back.
Tier 4: King's Claw
The user focuses their reiryoku into their fingers(or nails) to then swipe the air to produce a projectile hurling towards opponents (the icon can be a green getsuga)
Tier 5: Limit Breaker
The user lets loose a surge of reiryoku throughout their body causing them to temporarily amply their abilities for a limited amount of time.( Buff: str: x1.6, def: x1.4 rei: x1.4)

Tier 1: Small Green Aura
Tier 2: No change
Tier 3: Small Aura w/ reiryoku release icon
Tier 4: Large Zaraki Aura (Red)
Tier 5: Large Zaraki Aura(Green)
Concept : This fullbring is very special in particular and can use a book as their own type of weapon that can be transformed into any type of weapon that relates to a sharp object ( Example : Sword , Daggers , Knives , Spear . . . see where im going . )

Boost :
3.0S 0.5D 1.0R
4.0S 1.0D 1.5R
6.0S 1.5D 2.0R
8.0S 2.0D 3.0R

Tier 1 : Strike of Confusion
( The user uses this move , allowing them to confuse their opponent (( This is only allowed if they strike their opponent )) If the opponent is struck , the sharp object of which the user wields will go through them but will cause no damage . In result it leaves the opponent confused for two RP turns (( By what I mean confused is that the opponent might do something they wouldn't normally do . Either by protecting a opponent or attacking a ally to calling a enemy a friend for one point at a time . )) and they become unconfused on their third RP turn .)

Tier 2 : Black Luster Ball
( Allows the user to charge a small ball of black reiatsu that energizes with inside their weapon and shoots off from the tip of the sharp object . )

Tier 3 : X-Factor
( Two very powerful slashes of reiatsu combined , shot from the user's sharp object . ( Two Black Getsuga Tenshous , shaped like a X ))

Tier 4 : Lethal Blade
( The sharp object the user has becomes coated in a acidic and poisonous rieatsu that is very lethal if came contact onto the opponent or the opponets clothes . It eats away anything it touches due to its acidic property and adds on a poison that enlodges itself inside the body as the acid eats away the opponets body itself . )

Tier 5 : Trump Card
( This is the user's last skill which means it is the most important one . Its an ability that temporarily amplifies the user's skills . Only for a certain amount of time . ( Five RP turns ) ( Also it Buffs : x1.0S x2.0D x1.0R )

Appearance :
Tier 1 : Small waves of blue aura that comes from the users feet .
Tier 2 : No change
Tier 3 : Small waves of blue aura become bigger as in scorching flames .
Tier 4 : Ichigo Aura ( Blue )
Tier 5 : Ichigo Aura ( Black )
Concept : This FB is much like Airride but it will make that FB look almost like a joke . This user specializes pure in physical power . For they were born with no reiatsu abilities . Only enough spiritual awareness to see hollows spirits and shinigami . How you build this character is up to you . The summoning of these Gates will result in a -5% health drop everytime . If the eight gate is summoned in any circumstances , it will result in a cause of death . Giving the user only a limited amount of time to use it .

Boost :
Tier 1 : 3.0S 1.0D
Tier 2 : 4.0S 2.0D
Tier 3 : 5.0S 3.0D
Tier 4 : 7.0S 3.5D
Tier 5 : 9.0S 4.0D

Tier 1 : Awakened Gate
This move allows the user to fulfill their full potential by being able to open eight inner gates inside their body . The higher tiers they move up the higher they are able to use these gates . For tier one they are able to open gates One through Three . (( Buff : Gate One x0.2S x0.1D . Gate Two x0.4S x0.2D . Gate Three x0.6S x0.3D . ))

Tier 2 : Omote Renge
This technique puts a lot of strain on the user's muscle fibers, and is basically a suicidal attack. Normally, humans use the power of their muscles at only about 20 percent of its full power; the brain regulates muscle usage to ensure this, since any higher and the muscles will be damaged or destroyed. The Omote Renge requires the opening of one of the inner celestial gates- the First Gate, which releases the brain's regulation on muscle usage. The result is a much more powerful brand of Taijutsu than normal, but at the cost of damage to the user. (( The user is also able to achieve Gates four through five now . Buff : Gate Four x0.8S x0.4D . Gate Five x1.0S x0.5D . ))

Tier 3 : Ura Renge
This advanced, more destructive version of the Renge requires the opening of at least the Third Gate (Life Gate), with a correspondingly higher cost to the user. Once the third gate is open, the user can then use Ura Renge by launching the target into the air and hiting them with one arm and foot, sending the target crashing into the ground, typically killing them. When the user uses this move, he can also opened the Fourth and Fifth Gates to grant him or her extra strength and speed, however, this is not required to perform Ura Renge. (( The user can also open the sixth gate at this point . Buff : Gate Six x1.25S x0.75D . ))

Tier 4 : Morning Peacock
The user first opens the sixth Gate. Using this tremendous burst of power , the user will approach his opponent in a distinctive stance. When near enough, he will kick his opponent and launch them into the air. He will then strike them multiple times, causing the distinctive peacock fan to develop. The feathers of the fan will be formed by the super-sonic movement of the user's fists. The high speed creates friction in the air, setting it on fire. This then rends the air into a flaming shockwave which destroys his target. After being struck, the opponent will then fall back to the earth, covered in the strike's aura. (( Also able to open the Seventh Gate . Buff : x1.5S x1.0D ))

Tier 5 : Afternoon Tiger
The user first opens the seventh Gate . Using this tremendous burst of power , the user will form the needed hand positions and unleash a punch which focuses a massive amount of air pressure into a single point. This pressure point then explodes in a single instant, causing a massive blast range. Because the technique is Physical Power and not made of reiatsu . It is pure physical power . (( Eighth Gate is now able to be open . Buff : Eighth Gate x2.0S x2.0D . ))

Appearance :
Tier 1 : Small Kenpachi Aura ( Green )(( Body turns red in gate three and above ))
Tier 2 : No change
Tier 3 : No change
Tier 4 : Small Kenpachi Aura ( Red )
Tier 5 : Huge Kenpachi Aura . ( Red )
Concept: A Fullbringer that relies on the creation of a Spiritual Being/Object, example; A Doll, a Puppet, A Spirit, etc.
I'd give the name of 'Puppeteer' as the Fullbringer controls the created object/being.
The Being/Object is sentient, but it follows the commands of its summoner/creator. When not activated, the creature/object lives within the Fullbringers body/mind/energy, able to converse with them.
ICly the Fullbringer's power would increase if the bond with their object/creature increases aswell.

Tier 1: 0.2R,(0.35 MAX)
Tier 2: 0.25R, 0.15S(0.55 MAX)
Tier 3: 0.4R, 0.2S, 0.1D(0.75 MAX)
Tier 4: 0.5R, 0.35S, 0.1D(0.95 MAX)
Tier 5: 0.7R, 0.4S, 0.15D(1.25 MAX)

Tier 1: Energy Ball
The Doll/Creature that is summoned fires a ball of Reiryoku Power.
Tier 2: Spirit Trap
The Doll/Creature places a trap in a nearby area. If a Person with Spiritual Power enters the trap in a 3x3 area they are caught and bound (Much like a Binding Kidou from a Shinigami) (Non-Spiritual Aware Humans are not affected by this.)
Tier 3: Passive Increased Energy Ball
Damage and Speed increased for Energy Ball.
Tier 4: Energy Wave
Much like a Hollow's Cero, a Reiryoku based Wave Attack.
Tier 5: Fusion
Preferred as a 'Second State' much like Bankai, it fuses the Doll and Fullbringer together, increasing their power.

Tier 1: Doll/Creature.
Tier 2: Doll/Creature (Same as Tier 1).
Tier 3: Evolved Doll/Creature.
Tier 4: Beast/Bigger spirit.
Tier 5: Fusion of the Beast/Doll/Spirit and the Fullbringer (Much like Arrancar's Ress).