Any recommendation for a good web hosting services? I am looking for something that is relatively easy to set-up/cheap (or free)/forum + homage capabilities. I like templates and other tools that make things easier.
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I did some research and did find some web hosting service called Neocities (which is like Geocities, something I was never able to use in it's lifetime). There is a free service and a Supporter service. Fortunately, you are given 50 GB per month for bandwidth (which is more than many websites).

I haven't messed with it yet, but feel free to have a look:

I might look into creating a new thread for free web hosting services. I actually saw this mentioned on Wikipedia.

Free online pixel-perfect font making tool.

I just replaced my homebrew TTF maker. This is so much better.
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If you're a little more math-oriented and want to make some really fancy fonts, there is a free tool called Metafont—written by the legendary Donald Knuth—you can use. I would like to use it some day if I can decide on how to proceed with a script for my conlang.

It's a lot more complex than making a bitmap font, but the results can be quite gorgeous. The beautiful AMS Euler script, commissioned by the American Mathematical Society and made by Herman Zapf with implementation assistance from Donald Knuth, is a very good example.

(I have notebooks whose margins are filled with glyphs and scribbles that have honed in on how it will look, but the details are out in the undefined aether yet.)
If you're a little more math-oriented and want to make some really fancy fonts

Anti-aliased fonts are the devil as far as I'm concerned. They are great for non-pixel art games, but holy shit do I not need the majority of the feature set for TTF.

Getting TTF ascent/descent/ppem space right is a total nightmare. When I wrote my tool to convert pngs into TTFs, it took me easily three weeks to get working in the first place, and even then, it doesn't work right half the time.

The TTF specification is so overkill for producing retro game-ready fonts and there are so few good resources on the subject that it's not even funny.
I went ahead and added both. I usually make bitmap fonts myself, but doesn't hurt to have support for TTF fonts.

Heck, I still handle bitmap fonts especially for my virtual computer/machine outside of BYOND.
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Yeah, I was less thinking of applying this to BYOND games and more as a general thing for developers, if they want to get very detailed.
I have now added Shotcut to the list as a video editor. Since I have been noticing a rise of WebM use (especially the one thread), I decided to add it.

For anyone who knows of other tools like that, feel free to provide it on here and I'll list it.

Spriter needs to be on this list.

Every god damn one of you people needs to start using it.

There, it has been added.

Cheap watered-down web-based alternative to Spriter and Spine.


Basically same thing, kinda, but is an executable.
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There we go. Added those two tools to the list.
This Page has been very useful to me, both with BYOND development and out of BYOND development. I'd like to mention that Sublime Text 3 has been officially released, however, so I wasn't sure if the list should be updated to point that out or not.
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I went ahead and updated it. ;)
Pixel Art: (Paid - My favorite for pixel art so far) (Paid)

Animation: (Paid - AKA "Spine") (Free)

Shading: (Paid)
Updated the first post to let y'all know that Cakewalk recently became free as of April 2018. It's found on the first post. I should give that post a make over in the near future.
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