Stargate Online

by LemonYourAid
Stargate Online
Explore countless planets, engage in intense combat, and march your race toward victory!
Glad y'all are still around. It's definitely a work in progress, the majority of items need to be re-worked to be compatible with the new module.

As far as hosting, right now I'll maintain a testing server until everything is operational, then we'll see what my options are. I should be able to handle hosting operations as well, we'll see! :)
I can playtest
In response to Krisjenner
Krisjenner wrote:
I can playtest

I'll be hosting the test server later tonight and most of the week.
Its September, how's work progressing? Love to see something up and moving again hopefully.
I would love a Stargate game to be up and running...good times haha
is this alwais progressing ?
Hello all!
Hope you're all good?

@B4ssQontr0ler & me are very interested to bring back this Awesome game who rocked our childhood !

Keep us posted :)


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