Shinobi Scroller

by DistantWorld101
A Multi Style Shinobi Side Scroller

This side scroller is a remake of another old favorite.

Updates are done at a constant rate and Administration is on at all times in case of a miss encounter of a glitch.

Returning with a all new setup under V3.0 Finally!

Whats Done!

♥ V1.0 Completion: 100%
♣ V2.0 Completion: 100%
♠ V3.0 Completion: 8%


♥ Programmer: DistantWorld101
♣ Artist's: The People!
♠ Interface Designer: DistantWorld101
♜ Head Administration: No One

All Free To Play People Claim This Title.
Love the game so far enjoying it keep it up
Can't wait, i'm sure it'll be fun!
The game is back online.