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You're very welcome. :D
Rayman Origins is the next game for the Ubi30 starting around August 17th. This is a news update :P
Shadow Warrior Complete Classic now freely on

Only you get it completely DRM free. Plus, you can listen to the soundtracks in FLAC and MP3.

It was already freely available on Steam of course.
It looks like the next Ubi30 Free Game starting September 14th is The Crew. I have never expected this game to be the next free game honestly.
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Tropico 4 free on Humble Bundle tropico-4-free-game?linkID=

Beat me too it!
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The Crew (Ubisoft) Free from 14th of September 2016
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The Crew (Ubisoft) Free from 14th of September 2016

All Battlefield 4 Expansion packs are now free until tomorrow. road-to-battlefield-1-bf4-expansions
Beyond Good and Evil will be the next game available freely as part of the Ubi30 starting October 12th.
Nearly five months later, a new game pops up on Origin's On The House. That game is Dungeon Keeper. Go ahead and grab it as it is an awesome game to play. Go build those dungeons and bring in minions. It's good to be evil.

This version is probably no doubt the DOS version as the Windows version can be very finicky on newer versions.
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is the next free game of the Ubi30 starting November 9th.
Little Big Adventure 2 can be claimed for free permanently in 48 hours on

You can get Dirt 3 the complete edition free from humble bundle until the 13th November dirt-3-complete-edition-free-game
Gone Home is available freely for a limited time (this weekend no doubt) at:

Panoramical is also free apparently until tomorrow:
Elder Scrolls Online is free to play for the next few days, and offered at a discount for only $10 until the 23rd:
Assassin's Creed 3 will be available as part of the Ubi30 freely starting December 7th.
Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition is now available freely 48 hours on's Monstrous Winter Sale!

This is a great opportunity to grab it.

If you missed getting the games as part of the Ubi30, this weekend is now your chance to get them before it ends permanently.
Just got notification that Mass Effect 2 Standard Edition is free on Origin right now: mass-effect-2/standard-edition

Edit: It is now being charged again. It must've been an interesting 1-day deal.

Edit 2: Now received report from another Discord channel (referring to a tweet) that Bioware is doing five days of freebies. Mystery should be officially solved now.
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