Bleach Rising Tide

by InsidPro
Roll-based Roleplay Game
Occasionally people end up trying to do something in game, and end up accidentally breaking one of the various unwritten rules of the game. This thread is an attempt to collect as many of the general guidelines that exist unofficially and put them out here so that players don't accidentally break a rule they were unaware of.

If you want to do something that violates one of these rules though, you are highly encouraged to talk to an admin. Exceptions can always get made, so think of these more as guidelines than anything.

This list in non-exhaustive, and I'd encourage people to add whatever they know so it can be updated. Additionally, this is unofficial and possibly subject to change: Shade and Insid get the final say.



-Can not ask for rewards; if you ask for a reward, you will 100% not get a reward.

-You aren't in control of the game; you shouldn't even joke that you are. This rule applies to administrators and players alike. Do not joke that other people are, either.

-Do -NOT- bring IC matters into OOC, not only is this a rule meant to guard against revealing IC information over OOC channels but also one to prevent people from starting arguments over matters that are purely IC. If a person makes a decision or says something IC'ly then that is their character making a decision; trying to talk to the player about it will mean little to nothing.

-Following Hollows through a Garganta is a stupid idea. Don't do it, otherwise you risk dying.

-Do not ask people for stat points in OOC. If they say stop and you do it again, don't be surprised if punishment rolls out.

-If an Admin says something, it is final.

Shinigami in general:

- Can not use the Senkaimon to go to Hueco Mundo, unless otherwise noted by an admin. If you die in Hueco Mundo and you are there OOCly, you are dead IC.

- You do not have shikai or bankai unless you have been taught of its existance > have been taught of jinzen and the process by which shikai are obtained > and then have done an actual rp of having gained shikai/bankai.

- Sending a Hell Butterfly during battle is not a free action. Doing so costs 1AP. Thus if you do so without having the proper offensive passives you will not be able to attack in the same turn that you send one.

Hollows in general:

- Gillian and up MUST rp out their evolution. Below that and evolution can happen "offscreen".

- You do NOT have sonido unless you have the passives for it. Seriously, stop it.

- If you are playing a "fodder" and not your own character, then you must obey the orders of your figure. As a player-character, that is not "fodder", you have no such obligation.

Quincy in general:

Humans in general:

- If you die in Hueco Mundo and you are there OOCly, you are dead IC.

- You do NOT have bringers light unless you have atleast one passive in flash step. Seriously, stop it.

- It is highly unlikely that you will be aware of any form of hollow above Strong Class before they make an ic debut in the form of a player coming to earth/wherever a human happens to be regardless of your background. If it is possible to have knowledge of them then you will be made aware via the Common Knowledge page.

Vaizards in general:

- You must rp having gone berserk before you are capable of using your mask ic'ly, this does not necessarily need to be said because you will not be given mask verbs until after this has happened, but you may consider this a notice as to this fact.


- Garganta and Hogyoku need to be developed icly, unless otherwise noted.


- The development of technology and spiritual techniques that apply to the Aizen also apply here.

Quincy Elder:


Captain Commander:

- While allowed to travel to Earth, it is generally frowned upon unless there is an ic emergency. This is due to the power a CC has, and not wanting them to stifle hollow rp.

On the topic of resets

-Each player is capable of requesting one each of two different kinds of reset per wipe. These are passive and release resets (though the latter is more commonly known as a 'reroll'). Only one of each is given per wipe and a record is kept of who has been given a reset as well as what kind. Note that you are not allowed to request a further reset if you do not recieve a release that you like after using your release reset (This is especially true in regard to passive resets, as you yourself dictate where your passives are allocated).