Error: winset: Parameter A.(null) not found.

//M is the user
//A is the key
//macroset variable is macro (The Default Macros)


Problem description:

Error Occurs upon attempting to load the macro for "A"
Note* All Keys load correctly besides 10 of them.
Which ten? You may need to encase your text in {""} or escape the text for the name.
I've been trying to back track things I recently added/changed before notcing this macking my keys do this... but no luck, and its 5 keys, A,S,D,C, & B (they showed twice, maybe that's where I got 10 from

Problem Resolved
//Param Error

//Param Error Solved
winset(M, "myAmacro", "parent=macro;name=A;command=\"[escape_text(M.macrosaction["A"])]")
Ah, sorry I was unable to help; I was unaware you had posted back.
Its ok, thanks for replying... The two of you responding encouraged me not to give up Thanks