Naruto Ninja Moo Moo

by Ashley_Laww
Naruto Ninja Moo Moo
A super lit naruto team fighting game.
I think this game is life. It reminds me of life infact, one day it's going fine then when you go to sleep and wake up the next day (update) it turns into pure shit. It's full of surprises you never know what new bull**** you're going to get. :)

Stop fucking complaining to her every time she logs on, she can't even have a piece of mind or try to have fun enjoying HER game without being hassled about some shit being broken.Let her find out on her own, like Jesus. I'm done though I got mad love for Ashley she puts Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the map. You earned this. Salute.

Moo moo is life. Ashley made the best game on byond:)
This place is pretty well..... dead, but the game is okay it's nothing super great has a lot of flaws and Always when one flaw gets fixed not long after another one appears thats just how it really is with this game, but it has some appeal which i will admit despite my problems with the game. It ain't gonna win no game of the year prize but it's enjoyable.
hi all, i need .dmb the naruto ninja moo moo please send my email [email protected]
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