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I have a ALT key named UntoldStory. I Recently had to reinstall byond to my computer and all the saved password in had to the pager wiped. I was wondering if a staff can reset the email i have for that key to a more updated email i have. The email I used to create my UntoldStory key doesn't work anymore. Please contact me @ [email protected]
Unfortunately, if we can't validate your identity through email there's no real way to be sure you are in fact the owner of the account.
Cant you ask me the security question I set and answered for that key?
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Please read for further details.
Sorry if I seem a bit impatient, but i just want to make sure what you linked me to went through. I filled out the security thing in red and stated my problem within the space provided. I'm currently contacting you through my mobile device and don't know if it went through. Please supply me with some comfirmation