Dragon Ball AGD-SWD

by Tenji067
Dragon Ball AGD-SWD
El primer juego de Dragon Ball en !!multilenguajeĦĦ / The first game of Dragon Ball in !!multilanguage!!
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Hello fans and community of Dragon Ball AGD-SWD, since Dragon Ball AGD-SWD informing them, that is this setting a date in which you can play, the first official Beta of game of Dragon Ball AGD-SWD, which is found between the week of 8-14 December, and ´ 'or' ´ probably between 15 and 21 December; basically after all this time, informing them that:

-In this version Beta, unlike versions pre-beta or alpha played by other people time before, what makes this version may be keep for when be directly released the official game, and the first version complete and almost stable.

-May be some few initial missions, as well as the tutorial, that have to do with history, few secondary, as well as some few initial localicaciones; We want to emphasize that both missions, localicaciones locations and powers in general, who will be, with some few in relationship to what we expect that is and will be the game in general; they may know the initial history of each person, depending on d race, relative to the rest of the game in general.

-In this version, games, achievements, and the progress achieved, will be saved for when it is officially released the game.

-If you want to can answer it things which are related directly or probably indirectly, about or that are influencing the game, both of like this of as what will be.

Dragon Ball AGD-SWD would like to clarify, that at the moment, sometimes in which the game has been found online, to been restricted, since only they tasted versions alpha or some other command, or the operation of this, in the game, therefore made direct persons during these time, will not have a direct influence in the State in which the other characters beganin comparison to other people; so, on that day, at the time that will be specified in the Forum so that the game, there will be will be open to the public in general, hoping that they can see a little of what is in the world of the game Dragon Ball AGD-SWD.

Finally, some few activities, we hope that you like them, and finally, if you want to leave feedback about what things the would like to see in the game take place.

PS: Hope to see you, if you will, when the time of the beta version is published, and when fence arriving date, see them in the xat of the game in general, so we find ourselves and can write in real time, and to establish a meeting point fixed, by the time that fence coming the game in its beta version, remind you that the site of the xat's game is:

Dragon Ball AGD-SWD, wanted them to communicate that, possibly the launch of the beta version of the game, will be during the course of next Sunday the day Sunday, December 21, the 2014, by which, close to the day of the launch, open more information about the beta version such as for example the time close to the launch of the beta version.

You are reminded that in the xat's game read will give information in a way more fast hours close to the release of the game.