Age of Magic - Fairy Wars

by Zagros5000
Age of Magic - Fairy Wars
Coming this soon.
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Age of Magic will be up shortly
quick update list:

Alchemy system additions:
items called magic tomes that increase success rate of alchemy (THEY DO NOT STACK) by:
Level 1 mage tome: 5%
Level 2 mage tome: 10%
Level 3 mage tome: 15%
Level 4 mage tome: 20%
Low drop rate from enemies:
Level 1+ chance of dropping level 1 book
Level 20+chance of dropping level 2 book
Level 40+ chance of dropping level 3 book
Level 100+ chance of dropping level 4 mage book

Ranks added:
D-Class Mage: Obtained automatically after completing magic academy
C-Class Mage: Receive the quest automatically once the players are level 10 or above are a D-Rank mage, they must complete three requests of any difficulty and successfully create 10 items through alchemy
B-Class Mage: Quest is given once reaching level 25, and completed upon reaching 50 reputations. Reward is B-Class Mage
A-Class Mage: Must be level 45 and B-Rank mage, Player must win 5 battles in the coliseum against players within 35 levels. They must also live for 3 minutes in the survival mode of Coliseum. No rep requirement given they are a B-Rank mage

Fixed issues with saves not loading stats,mage class, and other things.
save on logout

---To be added:---
S- Class Mage*long process: The player receives the quest to become an S-Rank mage automatically, given they are level 65 or above and are already an A-Rank mage with a reputation level of 105. The quest involves the player exploring a futuristic robot dungeon until they reach the end and kill the boss. The boss will drop an eye that will give them entrance to the official S-Rank promotion exam
S-Rank promotion exam: Every hour it is held players must go to their guild house (or a bar) and talk to their Guild Veteran NPC to join the S-Rank exam queue (there will be an SS-Rank mage in the bar for drifters to join). The exam requires a minimum of 6 people participating, if there are more than 6 players the exam cannot start until the amount of players is even. Players participating in the exam will automatically be teleported to Tenrou Island where the exam will be officially held. PLAYERS MUST HAVE THE ROBOTIC EYE TO JOIN

Mage class redesigning

Game will be split into three continents
please note that even though the game is up, it's still not "done"
Hey Zagros, i have a bug, Everything is going well until I do the mission of the slimes (I am level 31,i skip the tutorial), after that the full and continue normal step Witch, etc ,. After that I go and I join a guild (Mystic Stars), which is bugged his hall. Left the guild since guild.Vuelvo options to go with the guild and I join Knigth Soword (i dont remember the name xD). And when I try to leave me again sends to kill slimes, go and kill, full back and all, then go to the plank in my profession and to my surprise, tells me that I can not use it if I have guild....
In response to Namike
I sort of understand..Mystic Star guild hall is indeed bugged, you can't re-enter it after you step out of it. But for the rest of that, I do not comprehend.