A Birth of Magick

by Quaint Shanty
A PvP and PvE fantasy world where your choices in quests make a difference. Fight other mages or help them defeat the abominations that plague the planet.
Background StoryA world created by two powerful mages, Allia & Gilleon, flourished for many years. In the year 250, that all came to an end.

*Lightning strikes -- Rain pours*

An altercation between the two mages caused the nature of their world to change. What was once a world of only humans is now a world that invited monsters, thanks to Gilleon. To compensate for this unbalanced nature, Allia bestowed a selected few of the human populace with a portion of her magic.

And so, it began...

Developers & ContributorsDevs
Xirre: Programmer, Pixel Artist, Designer, Sound Artist, Graphics Artist.
Ss4toby: Programmer, Pixel Artist, Graphics Artist, Designer.

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Alanai: Pixel Art (UI elements & skills)

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I didn't know this is how "Magick" was born? o.O very Magickle Xire.
How does one become tester.