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Naruto: Eternal Memories
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
I think I should let the players discuss how the upcoming systems should work like. This doesn't mean the most liked ideas will get automatically accepted, but it will help me to figure out new things to add, and how they should be.

The current topics I want to discuss about are:

A) How should we deal with the non-English players?
We won't punish them for talking in their native language, but we want to find a way to fix this problem.
* What would you do deal with this? Perhaps creating separated chat rooms, or...?

B) How should ryo be distributed?
- The random ryo rewards'll eventually be removed (only special modes' rewards & "top 1 player" reward will be kept), and we're currently developing a new system that'll make earning ryo something more interesting. However...
* What else would you do to make sure the "right players" get more ryo? It can be anything!

We'll hopefully obtain some good ideas with this as long as the players colaborate :3
A) Ban the BRs.

B) Distribute it to me and I'll distribute it fairly... Trickle down economics? >.> <.<
I vote with Sorsei for banning the BR's. Can't tell if their talking shit or not in a different language.

Distribute the ryo based on Kills, KO's, and Assists, and Revives/Heals for healers. Like for each kill they get a certain amount.

In challenge matches make it so you and your opponent can bet ryo, and the winner gets it if they win.

Make a segregated chat rooms. One for Whites, Blacks, Asians, etc. Blacks will be the most populated chat cause blacks rule so y'kno.

Oh, yeah if we can't ban the BR's just give me Owner, and I'll deal with them.
A)Host a seperate server for em

B)rp should turn into ryo and random ryo should be given but only at a certain amount
A) you should have a translator and make a separate chat for them

B)remove ryo and make it that the special characters are locked and you have to reach a level to unlock them
Segregation is a bit much, might as well go back to the civil rights movement, it'd be easier just to have an alternate chat room you can make, or have one for alternate languages, rather than make a chat room for every race.(Which also takes up space and makes the game look racist.)

For the idea of the small custom chat rooms a mute wouldn't effect you here, since everyone can just leave, it'd also solve the BR problem as they can complain to each other. Bothering the main game less. THOUGH, a player should be limited to make only one chat room at a time, just incase of lag issues.

For Ryo, I'm with the Uchiha.
@Sorsei, as I said I'm not going to punish them for speaking their native language, and I'm not going to let anyone distribute the ryo, that'd make no sense. xD
@OXuchihaXO, the chat thing could actually work, but it would be based on the language, not the skin's color. However, the idea for ryo distribution shouldn't be implemented, that's basically the way it works now (you get a random chance of getting ryo for killing, assisting, etc...) But that's not the best way.
@Dragonpearl123, creating a new server for them would increase the money it costs to host the game, and also drop the playerbase on main server, so I think that's a pretty bad idea. I don't think that RPing should be rewarded on this, it's a sidescroller pvp game, what's the point of RPing? Don't get me wrong, I love RPing, but it just makes no sense here and nobody would do that. It would also force me (and the Admins) to revise every rp comment, and we can't do that.
@Kayfresh20, this is probably what we'll do, separated chats so that they can communicate in their language, I may let them freely create the chats. However, I don't think removing ryo would be cool, we'd lose some originality as other sidescrollers use that system already, and I don't like it. It'd make the game too simple, you reach certain level and then you can use those characters forever without worrying about obtaining ryo.
@Crystal232, I agree on your chat idea, but I don't support Uchiha's ryo idea, that's what we already have -even though it's currently randomized-, the game already has a plan to distribute ryo in a better way, but I want to hear more ideas that takes work and not just doing what people normally do in every round xD

Thanks for the comments!
Well you could have Ryo symbols in matches, running into them you could gain ryo, it'd be faster, but their would be too many ryo farmers.

You could also do it based on damage delt.

You could have in game bountys, randomly puts money on characters per match.

Side Missions in a match could be a ryo gaining thing, too. Things like Hit with X Y amount of times or use X to kill and enemy Y amount of times, bountys could work with this, too. Could even rank them and give different money amount maybe even items. Also making players earn money rather than stealing wallets.
Like what Crystal was saying, add side missions. For example, one could be "Use this character at least 5 times" or since when you search your name in-game it shows your nemesis "Kill your nemesis" and if you complete the task then you will get rewarded. "Use This character # of times" will encourage people to try other characters, maybe even get better with them.
then you should just tie ryos to medals and make them more frequent and add missions like kill/ko a certain number of players for 100 ryo and such and i like Crystals idea of ryo things you collect but they appear randomly/an admin can turn it on and off base it on rank. Also showing the char stats was a good idea but i think u should bring back reputation for certain characters. Dont segregate just let them talk in main chat if anyone understands them then they can talk in whisper and if noone does then why bother talking in the first place >.> also make a npc mode where if you kill a npc you get so and so money like solo training or train with other people but dont make it too plenty
For the non-English players, there should either be:
A) A new Server
B) Separate Chat Room
C) Forcing them to speak English, after all, most of them all they do is troll with their language because I seem them speaking English very well.

For the ryo distribution:

There could be a way that each kill gives the players some ryo, X ryo per kill? But this X ryo is distributed among the killer and the assistant players, therefore dividing this X ryo into those who killed the player, if it was a kill that only 1 player did, then the player gets all the ryo for themselves. This would help teamwork because everyone would love to get ryo, and sharing is way more secure to get some than going 1v1 in side mode. :P

There could be another method for ryo, maybe each round, the 3 top players are the ones that can actually get ryo. Maybe 1st=30 ryo, 2nd=20 ryo, 3rd=10 ryo, and the rest could get from 5 ryo to nothing considering their place in the leader board.

Also, apart from the leader board, another window could come up, an instant poll where it asks who the MVP was, or maybe add a "vote" button in the leader board, the player with most votes gets some bonus ryo, not every 1st player is the actual MVP.

Also, there could be a Bingo book, this could be a player bounty, some players feel, other players are an ass, plus we have "Nemesis" in our profiles, so why not allow us to do something in-game about this, we ourselves could put a bounty on a player we hate, no matter the ryo you put, it can be even 1 ryo, but if someone else puts ryo on that same player, then the bounty stacks, this could help the ryo move around from players instead of just players waiting to play matches and some players holding ryo for no reason, this would help ryo be distributed around, I know many would use the Bingo book to put bounty on someone, this would also might stop stupid arguments in chat, there are many "Nigga, you teamed me" comments, well, simple, put ryo on someone with the Bingo book and that player is sure to be teamed too from the beginning.
1) I say add a LvL system. You get exp from kills, kos, assists and revives (Kill>Ko>Revive>Assist).
Also lock chars so only the weak ones remain for low lvls and we get it unlocked by lvling.

2) The Bounty System would be nice, the higher the lvl, the higher the random bounty comes. Also if you are killed while you have a bounty you should get a penalty (like loosing 10% of the bountys ryo).
Players should be able to set bountys aswell (Ryox0,75=Bounty) or something like that.

Also it would be fun if there was custom npc that would spawn randomly in rounds (1/10 chance to spawn) and the one that deals the most dmg on it gets 1x use of the custom. (The Custom should have no regen, 10x normal stats, be neutral and also give 10-15 ryo)
A) Make a tab chat for each one of the chats, side, village, Global, Global BR.

B) The update is good enough... A lot of ryo could be given out from that. Also, you can gamble through an ooc judgement on who is going to win the round. Leaf or Akatsuki. Your Ryo that you submit could be either 200% or 150%.
I have a couple of new characters I have already coded. (Page me for details) Then I think we should have betting for everything Arena Challenge and Leaf vs. Akatsuki Credit to Lilsaintz Also there should be an mission where you have to get a cat. I believe it would make the game more Naruto like. Then to top it off we should bring back Custom Team Death Match as an option for the players, add 2 v 2 fights in Challenge, and make multi-player missions.

2 v 2 Challenges
Their should be an option where you can do 2 versus 2 so when you challenge someone, you can have the option of 1 v 1 or 2 v 2, IF you pick 2 versus 2 then it goes to the second person for confirmation and ask a third party if they want to join the 2 versus 2 if they confirm then the match will begin however if they deny then the whole match will be canceled.
Okay EM i have found a couple of Major Bugs that i think you need to address. One is tied to the standing npc's in missions that don't do anything, just stand. It happens mostly with doujutsu users for some reason, and also you can use susano during the missions(I saw some players trying to abuse this feature when the npc's didnt move at all).Then people die randomly after they use susano and they join the main round.The worst one yet is the one where whenever you are fighting any of the mission npc's(like Neji) and they use a move you can actually control the move if you use drop down attack on them, the way I controlled Neji's rotation and made him hurt himself and couldn't escape, and was hurting hanabi and hinata who were still attempting to fight me and it told me to press x to stop rotation as if i was in control.