Bleach: Hollow Flash

by DragonWingRayne
Bleach: Hollow Flash
Dive into the world of Bleach!
Hamza here I thought of a few more abilites.

Adjucha Class Ability

Intangibilty- The user has the 40% auto chance if there rei is is a certain % higher than there opponent to phase. Meaning melee,projectiles, past through the user. The default of this ability is it drains rei after each use.

Procognition- Also called future sight, basically its the ability to sense incoming danger. The user has a 30% chance to auto dodge incoming attacks.

1st: Reproduction(Broking)

2nd: Healing Saliva(Ryan)/Spirit Body Fusion(Satsuki)

3rd: Shapeshift(Ashura)

4th: Negative Energy(Adron)

5th: Soul Seperation(Raven)

6th: Endless Stomache(Ryan)

7th: Acid Touch(Yaka)

8th: Enhanced Sight(Ashura)

9th: Zanpakuto Destruction(Satsuki)

10th: Brute Strength(Ashura)

11th: Menos Swarm(Wrath)

12th: Intangibility/Precognition(Ashura)

13th: Cloning(Xero)
uhh Healing Saliva was my idea lmao
In response to Ryanbowers
That it was, appologies
Might be nice if hollows transformed more than a few times like a max of 8 or so, aduchas and vasto being the last two
Suggestion: Your future Ressurecion is chosen for you as soon as you create as a Hollow, and you gain the abilities of it slowly as you evolve, until you are permanently released with it as a Vasto Lorde. It's still a good idea to become an Arrancar, because of the huge boost, but it would make remaining a Vasto (or even a lesser Hollow) atleast somewhat plausible. It would also be in line with the manga, which is always nice.
This contest ended 4 months ago and is thus the wrong place to post new ideas.
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