I've been wanting to branch out a bit and learn a bit of programming, so I snagged GameMaker Studio. There's a load of video tutorials on it (which I found pretty sad that DM didn't aside from Albro1's incomplete series) because I never really got to see my visions come to life.

Anyone here trying it out aside from myself? I picked it up mostly because a lot of games that I enjoy (Wanderlust: Rebirth, Risk of Rain, Spelunky, and a few other greats) were made with it, and I figured why not?
i tried it like 2 or 3 years after i came to byond.

came back to byond though because they didn't have built in networking at the time. maybe they do now though, not sure. they also had a fee for the full version and i was a kid with no money so there were a lot of features i didn't have access to and there was no reason for me to keep using it.
I'm not sure if they do now. I think a more visual approach right now is better for me, before I actually buckle in and read through a more advanced tutorial.

I would like the basis spread out for me before then.
I know a fair bit of GML (Game Maker Language). I actually like it a lot. I took some examples from it and now use it in my own coding conventions.

Edit: I own a copy of Game Maker Studio. I just never got around to making something with it yet.
Sounds like it's a very useful tool! I haven't sat down with any standard languages such as C++, Java, etc. Most I ever learned was some basic HTML, that was fun, so I figure I'll try my hand again in something that can be a bit more useful to my future and desired career.
I'd say if you're interested in using the product, go right ahead and try it out. There's a free version of Game Maker (with ads and whatnot) that you can use.

I started off with Game Maker way back when and played aorund with Basic-styled languages, and I really enjoyed using those. If you're completely new to programming, there's a lot of tools to help you get started.

There is, of course, Game Maker:

There's a free version of DarkBASIC Professional:

Monkey X (Which uses a Basic-styled syntax) for creating games to Windows and HTML5 for free:

BlitzPlus and Blitz3D (Basic-styled), recently made free (because they're pretty outdated, but still useful):

I acquired a recent version of GameMaker Studio to learn in my downtime.

Thank you for the references!