Bleach Rising Tide

by InsidPro
Roll-based Roleplay Game
Guide for how to Roleplay in BRT
Now, since weíve been getting some new players, I figure explaining the concepts of it would be better and take some of the work off staff and the playerbase in general.

1. What RP is.
a. Now, RP is basically creating a character and inserting a character into a game with its own unique elements. You basically create a character and have it interact with people.

Now, since this is rather broad, Iíll explain the details a bit more.
1. Your character.
a. This is the more tricky part. Effectively, you have to create your character. What this means is like creating a character in a book. You have to create a personality, an appearance, and abilities. These traits define them. You need to stick to them. Keep in mind you can only ‚Äďcontrol- your character, but you can affect other ones. More on that later.
2. The difference between IC and OOC.
a. IC is the universe in which RP is happening. Itís what happens around your character and other characters. If it affects things in the world around them, and can shape how things will go, it's IC.
b. OOC is the opposite. If RP is like a movie or a book being written and IC are the events occurring in it, OOC is the things that happen with the cast and crew of it. Anything that happens OOCly, that is, occurs in the universe of OOC, does not have any effect on RP unless specifically noted to, within reason.
3. How you RP.
a. First off, you create your character, which, if youíve been following this guide, youíve already done. Then, you RP, by having your character interact with other characters. These interactions can vary quite a bit. They can be spars, verbal arguments, to-the-death fights, or just friends talking. Every action you make icly is RP and has some effect. When you RP with the RP verb, if it meets certain criteria, you can be rewarded with stat points, which are used to improve your characters stats.
b. Say and the rp verb have different meanings. The RP verb is used for communicating actions, thoughts, etc. Itís all purpose, but if it isnít a major deal or can be conveyed easily, use say. Say is just talking or thinking. If there arenít brackets around it, like this, itís IC speech, or something your character is saying. (If there are brackets or something like that, itís OOC speech, or something to convey to someone nearby OOCly.)
4. Passives
a. Ohh boy. I really was not looking forward to this part. Itís complicated as hell.
i. The basics
1. Now, there are these things called passives. They dictate what your character can and canít do. Each one has a different effect, and some are exclusive to certain races and groups in races. The higher the passive is, the more skilled or affected you are by that particular passive. For example, Swordsmanship is a passive that gives you better skills with a sword and probably any melee weapon. The higher that passive is, which is measured in a numerical value, the more skilled you are with melee weapons.
ii. The advanced. (Warning, get Aspirin ready.)
1. Now, each passive has a limit to how far it can be raised. Most passives have a cap of either 3 or 5. You increase the number by putting in passive points, which you get by increasing your Battle Level by a specific number. Each one can only be raised once per passive point. There are also tier two passives, which you unlock by maxing out the related preceding passive. These increase your skills further. There are many, so ask staff members if you have questions.
2. Also, this is a side note. Do not ever BS anyone about how many passives you have. They can be checked by anyone, so we will know if youíre lying.
5. Metagaming and Powergaming.
a. These are two topics I hate mentioning because of how much it could awaken a flame war in OOC or Say, but it needs to be mentioned. Metagaming is when you use OOC knowledge for IC decisions, or use OOC knowledge as IC knowledge. Letís say you found out who a figure was OOCly (more on that later). You know who that figure is OOCly, but you donít know who it is ICly under any circumstances. Powergaming is just BSing about what you can do icly, overplaying random factors, like your stats or abilities in general in any rp. Keep in mind that stats serve as a guideline. A trainee cannot do crazy stuff a Captain can do.
6. Figures.
a. Finally, we have Figures. Figures are people who play out the roles of characters in the Bleach Manga or Anime (Note. We do not own any of the aforementioned or previously mentioned information. This is a nonprofit game with elements similar to Bleach. All rights go to Tite Kubo and his associates in creation and publishing of the Bleach franchise.) The figures are Aizen, Urahara, Captain Commander, or CC for short, Shinji, Human Leader, Hollow King, and various helpers.
b. Figures you apply for on the forums.
i. Aizen.
1. As the name implies, this is the dude who handles being the foil to the Soul Society in most cases. He is tasked with creation of the Arrancars, and acts as the authority in Arrancar related things, aside from Natural Arrancar, which is becoming an Arrancar without the aid of the Aizen.
ii. CC.
1. The Head Honcho, the Big Man on Seireitei, the guy who will kick your ass if you arenít careful, they go by many names. This is the guy who has the utmost authority on the Soul Society and Shinigami in general. They handle everything imaginable, ranging from Captains, to Shikai and Bankai, to Academy Students. They handle everything that goes on in Soul Society and keep things running smoothly.
iii. Urahara.
1. Much like how the Aizen is in charge of Arrancar creation and the CC is in charge of Shinigami, this guy creates Substitute Shinigami or Sub Shini for short. He is the guy in charge of them, and directs their actions and goals.
c. Figures you gain ICly.
i. Now, these figures are gained via Ic interaction, or applying on the forums, but the former is the more widely liked method. They are gained by a large enough number of that race approving of your rank.
ii. Hollow King.
1. Exactly what it says on the tin. The king of the Hollows. He handles everything, he rules the Hollows, can control them a bit, and can give potentials for Adjuucha and Vasto Lorde.
iii. Shinji.
1. This guy is basically Hollow King for Vaizards. He handles things and can create new Vaizards.
iv. Human Leader.
1. Again, exactly what it says on the tin. He is the leader of the humans. He doesnít do much aside from that though. No unique verbs.
d. Helpers
1. These guys act as assistants to other figures. They help out with the duties a figure has and lighten the load.
e. Boosts.
i. Now, depending on the figure you have, you get a boost for your stats. This isnít universal. Some figures donít get a boost.
7. Example of an rp of high quality from the figure application part of the forum.
a. Therus, Ashley stood on the roof of the sky-rise 'apartment' building. It was less of a living building and more of a seedy den for the financially superior sexual deviants of the city. All kind of creeps went in there with a different woman, or man, every single night. It was lucky that the glass was tintable at the flick of a switch. Technology was advancing quickly in this day and age.

Unfortunately, technology could not protect the city from the things it could not see. The human habitat was burning. Smoke and embers floated through the air, standing out in stark contrast from the crimson that the outskirts were burning. The lone Quincies shoulder-length blonde hair blew in the wind, shaking the clips in her hair to the point where they nearly fell out.

Cracks and thuds echoed in the air, accompanied by vibrations in the structure below her feet. Hollows punched their claws into the glass and pulled themselves up, using their reiatsu instinctively to keep them from falling. Some were also climbing the metal beams at the corners of the building, which was causing most of the shaking. With a sigh, she sent a mental pulse to the computer she held on her wrist and chose her weapon; a single pistol. This pistol was not normal though and neither was the computer. It doubled as a focusing point for her weaponry as a Quincy. Old quincies used a silver pentacle or something or other. It was time for them to get with the times.

The girl shifted over to one of the buildings edges and aimed downwards with one hand. As she pulled the trigger, blue bolts of energy shot from the barrel and buried themselves in the masks of the climbing hollow, sending them flying to the ground. Shot after shot rang out from the weapon before it began to take its toll on her. She had killed so many. Too many to count. There was a neverending stream of onyx particles floating artfully up from the ground, back into their world. She loved the sight of vanishing Hollow for two reasons. One, she had an appreciation for beauty and two, itmeant she had done her job properly.

With a sigh, the girl leapt from the building and began to freefall. She was done. The city was a complete write-off. Anyone in it was hollow fodder now. With another mental nudge, she vanished in a blast of blue light and began to shoot over the horizon using Hirenhyaku. She was going to the neighbouring city to protect it from any stragglers. It wasn't like she had anything -better- to do with her time.
Any additional or more complicated things can be added by staff on mentioning.
By the way, the out place question marks are probably due to using an apostrophe. Just substitute the out of place question marks with whatever punctuation would be most prudent in that scenario.