Would anyone happen to know how to host a byond game using Putty? I have Filezilla, but I don't know the commands to host the game on putty
You should probably be taking this to Linux Talk. I believe that "DreamDaemon" would do it if its in your path. You'll need to install it first, however.
Install what, and what Linux talk
There is a subforum called Linux Talk here on the BYOND forums. Perhaps this post will be of some use to you. Or maybe here. You'd obviously want the latest version, though.
I somehow need to get DreamDamon into the root folder of Filezilla I think
FileZilla is an FTP client. You don't put things into FileZilla, you use it to transfer files. You could use this to transfer a file from your computer to the other. Use this to transfer your host files to the VPS, but I would advise against putting things in your root directory. Put them in your account folder or your Documents.

As for installing Dream Daemon, you could just use wget to download the files, rather than transferring them.
I already linked that post. :/
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I already linked that post. :/

Your point?
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