To start, an idea needs to be presented!

Since it is the original idea/concept, we decide whether or not it's a presentable or well-developed idea.
How do we do that? Ask yourself questions about anything relating to the core idea/concept that could improve upon it; we need to be able to connect the dots to it, similar to a web or idea tree.
Simply put, the original idea/concept is a "generalization" and we want it to be as clear as possible; crystal clear.

Naturally in life, we want things as simple and fruitful as possible. To further improve upon our idea, outside suggestions/feedback/constructive criticism is needed. Constructive criticism, listening to new takes on concepts that relate to the original concept is how innovation happens!

Let's take a second and discuss a certain dogma, a basis to an ideology or belief system that certain people feel that the use of something that has been done before is stealing, or unoriginal; this is absolutely false. To copy something is to completely, and entirely take/copy an idea that is not owned by you, and out rightly claim as entirely/completely your own. Developing ideas generally come from a prior knowledge of a concept/idea that somehow relates to your concept/idea and information is shared throughout every moment that you’re spent thinking. Sharing is caring people!

Innovation is never ended, that's the beauty. It's hard to do things alone, as to where we get to those who can relate to these concepts/ideas and want to pursue with the same goal, together with you as a team.

What is teamwork? It is a relationship.
What is a relationship? A connection or relation to someone or something (in this case, a person).
What is relating? Being comfortable with communicating events (problems) with someone(s) in a stable, healthy way that inevitably cause you to come closer to one another (in this case, finding solutions and being innovative).
The relationship we have amongst each other will allow us all to prosper for good.

We want to be innovative. We want to relate. We want to communicate effectively. This is nature, and this is everything. We all know as people that actions speak louder than words, but I believe that the instructions to how the action was made need to be laugh out as clearly as possible for everyone to understand, to relate, to create and to innovate upon.

So in conclusion, here are the general steps for those who like to think; the concepts that have related to what I've been trying to relay to you all:

1. There are ALWAYS ideas waiting to be created, always!
2. Find/Look for the problems and solutions from everything around and begin to cultivate the idea/potential innovation; they're everywhere!
3. Record these ideas! You've got this!
4. Love your ideas as you would something you care deeply and passionately about!
5. Test ideas! It's trial and error! Don't be afraid to go back to the drawing board!
6. Is the market ready? I believe that people don't know what they want unless it's put in their face!

Go forth, relate, create and innovate!
It's overflowing from my loins.
And I thought we were on a PG-13+ website...