Maptext that was explicitly set to a color did not use it if that color matched the default used for output.
BYOND Version:507
Operating System:Windows 7 Home Basic
Web Browser:Chrome 39.0.2171.95
Applies to:Webclient
Status: Resolved (507.1275)

This issue has been resolved.
Descriptive Problem Summary:

In a game that I've been working on, maptext that appears black in Dream Seeker is being displayed as white in the webclient. I can provide a .dmb if one is needed.
I'll definitely need a .dmb to test with. Source is even better if I can see where the text is generated, but isn't necessary.

web client

dream seeker

i've already tried to do a work around that involves using rgb(1,1,1) instead of "black", which works. however, maptext is so fuzzy and messed up in the webclient that the presentation is compromised regardless.
One thing that strikes me really oddly here is I'm sure I dealt with a similar situation for Eternia quite a while back.

Having something to test is still important, as there must be something about your game's specific setup that causes this, so I need to know what that is.
The maptext in my game, when played in the webclient, becomes so blurry that it's impossible to read. In DS, this does not occur. The inconsistency makes developing for the webclient not very viable currently and it'd be great if this were fixed for once.

It should be noted that my map is zoomed in from a world.icon_size of 16 px to 48px



I really hope this is addressed. I know this is a duplicate report, but I also know that it's kind of being ignored, despite the fact that it's a major issue.
Indeed this was a duplicate report. It would have made more sense to just post on the existing thread. I've reattached it for you. The "blurriness" has been established as not actual blurriness, but as the maptext being drawn in the wrong color.

This issue hasn't been ignored, but neither has it been fixed, because as I already said I need a test case. I can't investigate this issue without being able to see why the maptext is the wrong color in this specific project, but is right in all the others.
Lummox JR resolved issue with message:
Maptext that was explicitly set to a color did not use it if that color matched the default used for output.