Ive been playing pool for a while now, and i've been winning a lot of money. its just that, now that ive won over 50 dollars in 1 game, i consider myself good and now i consider myself good enough to host a picture of myself at my favorite pool hall. yes, i know i am very sexy, but please dont put that in your comments.

and i am officially known around that place as the youngest poolking in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

--and soon to host some videos of myself playing. its just a matter of time

edit: by the way, my picture makes me look asian, i am NOT asian. I'm everything BUT asian. ^.^
Lol how old are you?
Do you just play eight ball, or can you find people willing to play some of the more interesting billards varients?
Unless you beat them in one turn your no where near the best in NY
Meh, I'd kill you in pool, and I live in NY.
Lord of light, that has got to be the lamest rape lure I've ever heard.
It wasn't a lure...I stated that I'd kill him in pool, and I stated that I also live in NY, which would make me the king of NY and not him..

You're not funny.
Tupac: I'm 13. I started playing when I was 8, and i intend to play until im dead. :)
Iain: I play 8 ball and 9 ball.
Mcarthur: I can indeed beat someone in 1 turn, and only twice in my life have I beaten someone on the scratch. I totally grabbed that girl's money through her ass! (Not literally), but those two rounds were cool.
Lord of light: how can you say that if you've never seen me play. Since I don't believe in meeting people through the internet, I doubt I'll ever meet you, (unless we somehow become in the same job or something <_<). Also, I never said I was the king of NY, and as soon as Mcarthur said that, I realized I meant to put "pool king in the neighborhood".
Anyway, you'll see what I mean when I host some videos through byond :)