Bleach: World-Wide Adventures

by Ssidge
Guild system with guild wars
Map raids with parties that have guild requirements
A new soon to come colleseum
Character Customization
Bosses take skill to defeat
Automated Events
Fun Leveling
Great Graphics
Many Locations
Quality AI
Balanced PVP
Excellently thought out PVE system
Well planned Story
Bosses think like players and take skill to defeat
Great community who love not only bleach but all sorts of anime such as naruto, fairy tail etc. etc.
If you need a reliable host, please let me know, i've hosted for byond in the past and my rig is definitely more than necessary/high end internet to do so.
also, i will not ask for GM or anything of the kind for hosting, just want the game to be reliably playable.
Isn't there a game named Bleach World Wide Adventures Already? lol.