Bleach: Hollow Flash

by DragonWingRayne
Bleach: Hollow Flash
Dive into the world of Bleach!
You've shown your creativity before with the hollow abilities competition. Now its time for something a little more open ended. With the wipe approaching several very large updates will be being done. Now its YOUR time to make a difference and contribute a suggestion. As always the winner will receive a fabulous mystery prize. Happy brainstorming!
I'm still going with my maze idea lol, you can use it as an event, the maze is filled with portals and espada arrancar and when you find all the right portals you can to a op training spot and you can train there for a few hours then a gm teleports you out. You said it was dumb but fuck it I said that for a reason

Maybe when no GM are around to help when the lag gets past the point of no return, we could be able to vote as a community in the game to basically get rid of all of the mobs on the server for the moment in order to snuff out the source of the lag.
Well to start off Update Idea wise I think you should work on the underused races.

Fullbringer- It takes time to get tainted rei and I think people would enjoy it if you added more fullbrings into the game and the Xcution Organization.

Fullbrings: Dirty Boots/Jackie Time Tells No lies/Giriko Doll House/Riruka Cross of the Scaffold/Ginjo and even Ichigo's Fullrbing maybe. and hopefuly give them a boost of somewhat!

Also it would be cool if the fullbringers other than sado and inoue ofcourse had there Object Affinity in there inventory and when they equip it they get a slight boost and activate there fullbring by saying its name in say chat.

By object affinity for example Gingos: Necklace Ichigos: Sub Pass
That is, by definition, what a fullbring is.

Finally it would be amazing if fullbringers could steal sub shini powers and evolve there fullbring giving a stats boost kinda like bounts fusion.( they would have to be a member of xcution)You missed the entire premise of the arc, didn't you?
Metastacia: Chance upon becoming hollow to be born as Aizen's scientific creation, Metastacia. The perks of being born as this hollow is you have the ability to take control of one person every 24 hours, and you are able to melt people's zanpakutous when they attempt to attack you with it. HOWEVER, your cannot become an arrancar, and an Arrancar with Gluttonaiea can devour you, and gain your power and abilities, along with whichever body is under your control at the moment.

White Creation: Instead of White being precreated for the entire wipe, allow for the Hougyoku to collect souls of multiple Shinigami to create White.

Shinigami Arrancarification: When fused with the Hougyoku, if you bless a PURE Shinigami, you can turn them into an Arrancar with a random Vaizard Mask, Ressurecion and hollow ability, much like Aizen did to Tousen.

Regai: Allow the Captain of Squad 12 to create Regais of other Shinigami, but they can slap bangles to limit the Regai's power. The Captain of Squad 12 is also the only person allowed to turn a pill form Mod Soul into a Regai, which once the Mod Soul is a Regai, they can't use their Doll form or Gigai. No major fillers
A chat channel for the Espada where they could talk together with their Leader/Co-Leader in private in the event that said Leader/Co-Leader aren't Arrancar as well, or when you just want to keep it between Espada.
Quincy Update-

* Add Spenger

* Update Z
In the Manga stern Z has the ability of what appears to be a form of hsr after being hit. and also she can heal others aswell. Also allow people under blood control to be summoned and have verbs for the zombies like the following: Freeze , Attack Mode , Commit Suicide, etc

* Update S
It would be amazing if you gave Stern S the superstar skills to make it more a attack based rank like a wrestler.

* Add senrai belt( for stern S)

^ To the Fullbring Idea, I'd think it would be amazing if those would be implemented as well as Yukio's Invaders Must Die/Digital Radial Invaders.

However, I think it would be a nice addition to include power ups in a sense to Vandereich quincies. Say if someone with the letter F used their spirit weapon. They'd have to use rei pressure?(If that is a thing to inflict fear with F) otherwise they'd have to use the spirit weapon to inflict the fear like it's already in the game.

However...When said Stern uses their Voll, they should have an amped up version of F, in a sense of Rukia's Bankai. Where they'd be slowed due to their fear as long as they can see the Stern.

Another way to look at it is if Stern J uses their Jail move, then it'd last a bit but eventually undo itself. However if they were in voll, then it'd be up to the Stern to release him/her from the jail. Like it is now currently.

Suggestion for Custom family/clans-Mostly for quincies but could be used for other races. Custom Reishi Weapons. Like an Reishi Ocarina, that would shoot out music notes/slow them down a tad. Or Relics <--Quincy/FB/Spiritualist? Sacred Treaures<--for Shini/vai/Any race? What is this and what does it have to do with anything?

That'll be all of my Ideas for right now. Thanks for reading.
Vote Reboot would be great!

Give chojiros zan a rei buff when in shikai.

Make a few more things to trade tp for. Most vague suggestion ever.

Have a tourney start auto every hour.

Give bounts a flashstep. No.

Nerf hado 90 and 88. Why?

Change hgene for a high level req. vs remaking training for a long time. No.

Hamza here again.

Mod Soul
* Maybe add some new abilities/ builds Too vague, specify.
* Add Reigai Filler


I understand you don't really like fillers *All that needs to be said but tbh it kind of boring having a same shikais.

* Add Kageroza , Nozomi , Amagai shikai

* Add kasumiooji family
€ Perks Bakuto
Bakuto drains the users life like shunko for power

Slingshot: shoots a small projectile-attack based
Increase zaraki's shikai melee range to 3 tiles-since his zan is huge and can cut of a meteor(o.O) No

Add a inborn ability to shinigamis called joy of battle where when you become a fullfledged shini your power gets greatly supressed and everytime you die or get near death you get a portion back-like findor's mask but for shinigamis- this is what zaraki kenpachi did in the series A decent basic idea proposed in a horrible way.

give mod souls that have strenght ability a boost in str/def when using accelerate Why? and completely unbalances mod souls

Remove the sparkles of quincy arrows to reduce the lag of it

Make that only shinis that born with tainted rei can get vaizard by talking to shinji, do not touch the other way to get it pwease 1) Impossible for a regular shinigami to be born with tainted reiatsu. 2) Slap in the face to what tainted reiatsu actually is. *See me if you don't understand this (It would take a paragraph to explain)*

Add Soul King palace with the medical water, the zanpakuto reforge place and all that cool stuff for RG :D

buff vandenreich npcs so they can stand a chance agaisnt numeros Already balanced. That's what the Stern Ritter npcs are for (Nerfing the arrancar npcs open for discussion)

Make humans able to decide if they become a soul or not when they die, same for souls but they still lose family. Death takes orders from no man.

give hollows growl ability where it shakes everyone screen when used(just for funz) NO!

add some zanjutsu and hakuda block skills to make pvp more fun

Add hachi's barrier and healing kido to kido corps No for obvious reasons.

make shinigamis able to wear a gigai and negate 1 death, after negating the death the gigai gets destroyed and the shini won't be able to wear another for 10 minutes(just to balance) How in the hell is the death negation balanced?

when someone is low health make them unable to use flash step and get slower from wounds to prevent death avoiding with easy
Kanshu here with some terrible ideas.

First off I think If you die in bankai your zanpaktou gets destroyed and so you have to go somewhere to make a new one. No.

A shinigami inborn called: I'm not ready to die yet. It can work the same way a despair saving you from death. No.

Think about adding in dodging as well, that could be interesting. No.

Oh yeah and Random events, random tournies, 5 mins where everyone speaks like wonderweiss and other things, this will make the game more fun as well as stop people from getting bored, of course there can be more events but I'm really lazy and don't want to name more..

Make it so there is a chance to get Ginrei and Gingake, so not every trad can get it. Reqs can be lose powers when using letz. Then speak to the quincy elder about regaining the powers, if you fail your character gets wiped or can never be a quincy again W/E but if you succeed you get the bow. Why do you hate Shinigami and Quincy so much?

Oh and custom technology (I wanna see if people r actually creative)
I still want to vote for Soul King; and things for a soul to do in general. Nothing too major, though. Since no one likes the spiritualist humans, maybe they can share some abilities? Mainly just a rei attack. No.

I'd also like better ways to train - sitting in one spot and training for days isn't playing the game, and you miss out on a lot. If you stop training to go explore, or to try and not be bored out of your ass, you get so far behind. Quickly.
Using the training dummies for afk training, or just being lazy would be fine, with reduced gains. I'd like to be able to actually play the game, through quests, story arcs, and exploration, without it leaving you so far behind that you can never touch anyone. Hell no.

If they haven't been deleted already, remove all that sparkly shit. It's pretty, but causes problems everywhere.

I agree with whatshisface about boosting some of the other races - Bounts, Fullbringers and what not. Being those classes puts you in a ditch, forever. All boosts and gains need more of a balance.

Mainly just the training thing.. Lots of people just afk train [and then are banned] for days, get op stats, and eat the server. That's no fun. Nuke that shit, and force people to play the game, not sit at a dummy :/End of story
Oh yeah and random events, and random tourneys having admins hold tourneys is a drag and I think this will make people enjoy the game more.
There could be a chance that after obtaining all Hougyoku boosts, touching the True Hougyoku may turn a Shinigami into a perfect Hollow-Shinigami Hybrid like Tousen was. It could be a race or rank/title called Hybrid, taking away Bankai and replacing it with a Hollow Mask and Resurreccion. Could be a super slim chance of becoming a Hybrid but it would be very unique having the perks of certain Shikai along with the boost from a Hollow Mask as well as the boost and abilities of a Resurreccion.
Being able to Spectate arena challenges would also be a nice, I'm sure everyone wants to.
Tsukishima buff.

Allow for the user to switch between memory hits, regular hits, and both. The user is able to hit the opponent again to stop altering their memories.

When using memory hits, if the user hits the opponent, the user insert theirselves into the opponent's memory, causing the opponent to see them as someone important, causing the opponent to not want to fight, possibly disabling their ability to attack the opponent at times and not allowing the opponent to hit the user as hard.

If the opponent is left in the state in which the user is constantly altering their memory too long, they are vulnerable to falling into a mentally unstable state, either stunning them, or causing them to go into a frenzy, attacking everything in sight.
That would by definition be a nerf...
About Torune_Aburame's Post about the Fullbringers, Thought i'd give a few ideas about their powers, and a little present for ya if you want but stick to the end for that.

Ginjo's FB - Energy Blade, A 1x1[Bigger] Projectile that'll deal rei based damage and some explosive damage be it a 3x3 explosion field or just for damage. Perhaps when they are in Enhanced or Bankai, they can get an enhanced Energy blade. That's like Getsuga Tensho, but does rei+explosive.
-Enhanced Cross of Scaffold, perhaps when he equips the Affinity item the sword transforms, and the ability to absorb another Fullbringer's moves like Mod Soul's Mimic, only lasting for a few minutes..before it returns to the owner..Like shadow raiding pills, or Letz for Trad Quincies. I didn't make this clear in my last post about this. Ginjo has the ability to take fullbrings because he's a substitute shinigami. This would be a thing for subs, not for fullbringers.
-Getsuga Tensho, It's a Tensho like Ichigo's, just purple >.>
-Bankai, Allow him to have a second form..While the Enhanced Scaffold may boost him 1.2? or 1.5? This one may be a 2x boost. Giving him the techniques of Getsuga Tensho, and an Energy beam that'd may be like a Cero or Gran Rey.

Giriko's FB-Number Attack, Numbered iconed projectiles that fires in a 1x1 towards the enemy. Could be homing? Deals Rei or Attack+little explosive damage.
-Empowered Form, turns into a hulk...Able to deal some heavy Attack damage. Perhaps a bit of a def boost as well?

Time for the present. I've already iconed the Affinity Items for the FBs,(Haven't done Yukio's or Jackie's) just let me know if you want them. I'd be glad to give them to you. [Useful, but the concept is messed up and needs serious work.]
Update: The winner of the contest will be announced tonight. As a guide I'm going to go through and weed out some of the bad suggestions right now. In the meantime there's still time to get in a golden suggestion and claim the mysterious prize as your own!
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