Bleach Rising Tide

by InsidPro
Roll-based Roleplay Game
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PinkPachirisu wrote:
(New Ideas I have; Races + Ranks and maybe worlds too)

How to get: Select from start or Application.
Spawn Area: Earth, perhaps a new map or near the Mall or any other area, perhaps make Earth bigger for a Bount starting area.

-Soul Absorb: Much like a Hollow's Soul Devour. Would give SP and a 'Count' of total Soul Absorbs.
The Ammount of Absorbs will eventually allow you to get abilities.

-Doll: (Battle Level 500-750. Soul Absorbs 10-20.)
The Doll is the Bount's main weapon. It could be done with a 'Pet' system where you click the doll (When released) and give it a command, OR it replaces the Player (As a sort of 'Transformation').
There can be a couple of variations, perhaps as many as there are Shi/BanKai releases. Even variations of abilities such as a 'Weapon' styled Doll, or a 'Pet' styled doll.
Fire Doll: Pet-Like doll that is engulfed in Fire or unleashes Fire Abilities.
Spectre Doll: A doll able to possess Someone or a part of their body, perhaps with tendrils that, if stabbed in a limb, will control that limb unless the person's willpower is able to break free.
Demon Claw Doll: When released it will cover both hands of the owner, each hand becomes a Claw with either an Eye(s) on top or both an Eye(s) and a Mouth. The Demonic Claws are able to slash (Close combat) and Utilize Ranged attacks.
This is similiar to 'Fullbring Release' in the way it tiers up. Each tier gives a power boost/new abilities.

-Doll Fusion: (Soul Devour 50-100+ Battle Level 3000+ Cert 2) The Bount is able to fuse with his/her Doll due to the relationship they have built together. The Doll has to trust his/her owner completely (So no 'My doll hates me but still fuses with me'). This could be a Bankai, and thus only for a select few and can thus have a higher 'Requirement' than I listed.

(Feel free to add more abilities/ideas)

Bount Ranks:
-Bount Leader: Leader of the Bounts.
Bount Portal: Able to open a portal to Hueco Mundo, Soul Society and Earth. Needs a reason to do this. Is not allowed to visit other realms without a good reason.
Bitto: Able to create 'Insect like Dolls' that can plague an area and devour spiritual Energy.

(Feel free to add more)

World/Spawn area: I'd say make an additional area/map on Earth for Bounts to spawn. Perhaps a mansion or underground lair.

Hmm....Another nice Bount rank would be, since they were made from a Shinigami experiment, there could be a rank such as:

Bount Prototype: Could be leader or a separate leading-like role like Aizen and Hollow King.

Hybrid/Twisted Bount[Open for different name]: An experiment that escaped during the time it was being worked on. It has unstable abilities that it could lose control of at any moment. Its similar to Arrancar and Vaizard. Except since Bount's were from experiments, this would be more unstable.