Azusa RP Online

by Inutaishos
Azusa RP Online
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My main worries now is dealing with lags, and was thinking in a way to remove alot of procs in the game to make it run faster... This for sure would result in alot of gameplay changes. Basically I am thinking in every kind of trainings that generates a loop, such as reading books, self training etc.. But how would the game work without those systems?

1st: Builders would unlock buildables in another way, with "Research" skill you can research a certain already built object, like the stone walls in temple, that would give you buildinh experience/lvl untill the lvl req of that object (aka till ur able yo build that wall) and you would become able to build all easier stone objects too... This training method would work as attacking a tree to drop it, and the gain rate would depend in your inteligence status (increased through Rpps and ranks) the amount of starting intelligence is around 10-20. Finishing the study of a certain item would also increase intelligence, this way if you study every simple buildable you would get smarter then just whorinh the temple wall

2nd: Cooking lvl would increase while cooking

3rd: Blacksmith would gain Smith level while smithing

4rth: Self train would be removed but the gains at tree chopping/mining/fighting npcs would be increased, also defeating some npcs would also give status

Making those changes would be an attempt to fix the lag, but not sure how well it would work... Maybe the lag will keep the same :S give me your opnions please and some feedback! :D
Assuming you're using
for(var/mob/M in world)

Then that's the problem. I used to do that all the time.
And for the building too...You'd want to use a list variable. It'd work much better.
Gosh I use that alot, what you mean?