Shonen Jump Battlers - Season 1

by Mana Production
Shonen Jump Battlers - Season 1
A fighting game based off Heroes of Shonen Jump by Team Mana - Who will be the best battler?
After a lot of updates to come to where it is now.
Shonen has become a technical fighting game, so it is time to reset everything to 0 for a fresh start.


As of now, the game features 3 normal modes along their competitive forms:
Lives - Which is first or team with 0 lives lose
Brawl - Which is 1 to 5 minutes battling non-stop, first or team who has the highest kill counts wins
King of Battlers - Which is 1 v 1 battle with a team of 3 characters. First to beat the opponent's team wins.


Official Tournaments will be using King of Battlers form, so learning at least 3 characters in the game is quite enough to be good in SJB and not always fight with one character, tournament-wise and fun-wise too.
Official Tournaments are competitive battles to gain rewards, battle, practice character and fight to win Official Tournies.

Normal Tournaments can either use normal standard (which is actually 3 rounds without health restore) or KoB but mostly will use the normal standard. Some rewards may happen but Normal Tournaments are for fun purpose and to gain some points in your Battler Card.

Competitive Scene

Ranking Matches are all the heated battles will be, players who wish to be in the top and get known around can play Ranking Matches to gain RP(Ranking Points) to get a ranking place (Ex. #12 Best Player in the whole game) and also gain PP(Player Points) to the character they've used within the match and also gain a ranking place as said character (Ex. #3 Goku Player in whole game). Of course, losing some matches may lead to lose those points. So practice hard and fight hard with a character you think you will be good at.

Chilling & Fun Activities

As everyone know, the game changed a lot that players dont appear in a map but appear in a title screen with options. If you wanna relax, be social with everyone, don't be shy and come chill in the lobby which the option is located downright corner of the title screen. (Talk with V and change chat channel with SPACE)

You may also create parties in the lobby to play the Zombie Arcade to gain some level, coins to buy avatars, scroll to boost your game up or make a free-for-all battles which can allow 8 players to fight in a stage, either for the fun or competitive where they bet their PP to know who's best in their party.

You may also go to the Training Lab to see what characters' moves are like to be sure who you want to play with and may add in your team for official tournaments.

I guess this should be all for this Notice Update. If you want to become a top player, the time is now as the game has wiped to allow everyone to have a fresh start.

New updates to be announced in mid-late of february.

Yang Lee