Can someone tell me a attack code to attack other players so they die cause in my game you can only attack saibamen.
Ok here is a hint
1) Dont make a dbz game
2) Look for some tutorials on the main page
3) Try as much as you can before posting
4) You have no code so post this in Newbie Central
In response to Mrhat99au
I can't remember very well, but Zilal's Tutorial says to use
attack(mob/M as mob in oview())

and goes using "M." as owner for the target vars and such.

Are you using it? Since players are mobs and I am a newbie very very newbie, I can't say if it will work for you and as you let me with a new doubt then can someone, please, save us?
mob/verb/Attack(var/mob/M in oview(1))
usr<<"You punched [M]"
M<<"[usr] has punched you!"
var/damage = rand(1,5)
M.hp -= damage
if(M.hp <= 0)
usr>>"You killed [M]"
M<<"You were killed by [usr]"

Try this one out, not the best code but it should work.