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i want to add IRC support to my game. so i can still chat when out and about.

here is my current universal chat code.

how would i go about adding irc into it to output to game?

also want chat in game to go to irc.

world<<output( {"<b><font face='Arial' coloor='[src.chat_font]' size='1'>[usr] </font> >> <font face='Arial' coloor='white' size='1'> [msg]</b></font>"},{"announce"})

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There's no direct way to do this. You'd need to Google around for IRC setups that allow you to send external data, then you'd have to research how, then perhaps it would be possible using world.Export() somehow, or even a DLL using call().
So effectivley what I want is to somehow connect to the IRC server and relay chat from the IRC into the game and vice versa. basically making it so we can take the chat elsewhere on the web (even outside on our phones if we want)
You'll want to create a .dll file for your project. A few things you need to look in to are sockets, as well as the server IP/port for your desired IRC server (with the username and password). The port for IRC servers is typically 6667 if you don't know it. IRC servers are also typically irc.[].

From there, you'll want to send any data it receives through the socket connection to the world, as stated before, with call().


Another way you can do this is by creating a program that accesses the IRC channel and outputs the data to a text file. With this data, you can also do what Nadrew said, world.Export(). All you'll have to do is grab the contents of the text file and overwrite the world output with it or append the differences. Whichever floats your boat.
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Here you go, friend:

> world << "IRC"   //This adds IRC to your game and uses world chat to chat when out and about.

Please read the OP again, he clearly stated IRC support..
Why do I have a feeling that Account_Forum is actually GatewayRa?, I mean, just look at his join date.
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Why do I have a feeling that Account_Forum is actually GatewayRa?, I mean, just look at his join date.

It's not, it was Lavitz and Xirre being childish.