I've only been using dm for a few days now, but I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix my problem.

The problem is that the program keeps not letting me open maps due to compilation errors, and there seems to be no errors, and I don't understand it. Please help me on this.
Post your code( thats relevant ) so we can help you. Also, how didja find out about this place?

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Here's what I have so far:

//This is just a test world for a game I'm making called Dragonball Fusion

icon = 'vegeta.dmi'
HP = 30


say(msg as text)
world << "[usr] : [msg]"

var/icon/I = new(usr.icon,icon_state = "vegeta.dmi",dir = EAST)
I.Turn(90) //rotate clockwise 90 degrees
usr.icon = I

icon = 'grass.dmi'
icon = 'dirt.dmi'
icon = 'water.dmi'

turf = /turf/grass

It was showing the map, and then started to only show black, and I'm not sure why...any other problems that you can see? I know it's really bad..
sorry I forgot to answer your question...I found out about this from someone on aol who plays dragonquest
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It's black because you haven't mapped anything. White panel show's all atoms coded in; you will see it when you open map. Then click on one then click the map. Works Miracles
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I put turfs in my map if thats what you're talking about.
Please don't make a dragonball game. Make something original.
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Did you change any paths after you put them in the map. If you did you'll have to change the path in the map to the new path.
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I was also thinking about making either a megaman rpg type game or a final fantasy type one...if you have any ideas please tell me
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I think I might have...thanks
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Megaman would be fun, not terribly original but a new idea for BYOND.