Deadly Crown: Alpha Version

by DragonWingRayne
A new game in progress brought to you by yours truly.

A new, original game being developed by DragonWingRayne.

Come check it out!

A story set in the fictional 14th century European Kingdom of Aschleire during the dying age of magic, 250 years after the kingdom was nearly destroyed by war.

Key Bindings:

"A": Right-Handed Attack

"S": Left-Handed Attack

"D": Kick

"F": Block

"G": Give Gold

"R": Hold To Run

"Y": Grab

"T": Rest

This game is amazing.
very interesting.
you really should finish this game. It has a lot of potential
In response to Paulslayer1000
That's the plan...
Miss this game. :L I'd help bring live what I could if you wish for a free server, old friend. :D