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I'm trying to make a playable character be the size 32x64, but of course what happened was the 32x64 icon was compressed into 32x32. How can I make it so that the Player icon is 32x64?
You need to to either create a new icon or delete all of the icon states in said .dmi (should probably create a new one so you can just copy paste the icon states swiftly onto the new icon file)

Then do the following(In the exact order):

Go to the right side of the icon editor and specify the icon size you wish to have. Which is 32x64 in this case and create a new icon state. The settings should now be properly configured.

Now you can just paste the icon states from the previous file. (:
Yes I made the icon like that. But the problem is when I start the game. The icon is compressed into 32x32.
But in the editor it's 32x64. Do I have to change the bounds or something?
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Are you using the tiled map format?
Yes I was using the tiled map format! Damn, I changed it to top down now. Thank you! :)